Manor Veterinary Centre

Tel: 0121 422 5411

115 Kent Road
West Midlands B62 8PB

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We care for your Pet as if they were our own!


  • We are an RCVS Accredited Veterinary Hospital and Emergency Service Clinic open 24/7, 365 days a year for whenever your Pet needs us.
  • Our Out of Hours Service is run by our own Vets and Nurses who are on site at all times.
  • We have access to MRI, CT, Endoscopy, Digital Xrays and much more!
  • We have Certificate Holders in Cardiology, Small Animal Medicine, Small Animal Surgery, Orthopaedics and Zoo and Wildlife Medicine.
  • We also have Exotic Pet Specialists to look after your furry, scaly or feathered friends.  


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Average rating: 4.6
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: June on 14/10/2015

Overall rating:



My dog Benji spent a few days in the Halesowen practice recently because he is diabetic and was poorly and I cannot fault the care recieved. The vets who looked after him were brilliant and the night nurse (Louise) was very informative and ensured I knew how to look after him at home. I always recommend Manor Vets to my friends as I know first hand how brilliant they are


Reviewed by: julia on 23/09/2015

Overall rating:


“thankyou for helping our bella”

although not the closest vets to our home i chose to visit this practise for the kindness honesty and reasurrance i recieved from the initial telephone call i made early hours of tuesday 22nd sept. the vet aimee was amazing throughout and performed a c section on my yorkie bitch delivering our 2 pups safely. She advised me clearly with much detail and acted immediatly to save the pups which couldnt pass through as they were to big for our tiny bella. after the op bella looked calm and comfortable, a few hours later shes eating and drinking and appears very strong. the other staff even made us a warm box to transport the pups safely home. also prices were the most reasonable when searched. nothing but praise for the experience.


Reviewed by: Adriana Smith on 24/07/2015

Overall rating:


“Seaweed says "thanks"”

Seaweed says thank you very much for looking after her when she hurt herself barging through her puppy pen.
Everyone dealt with her swiftly and really took care of her.
She was made to feel very special by all of the staff and loved all of the attention.
Her paws are feeling lots better thanks to your team and is looking forward to being able to being allowed to run around like a loon again :) xxx


Reviewed by: Dee on 28/04/2015

Overall rating:


“Lost My Cat”

This vet lost my cat after it went in for a routine castration due to the negligence of the nurse .The worst part was the lies they told in trying to cover it up, the lack of sympathy ion that fact my cat was lost - they didnt even say sorry in fact they tried to divert the blame. Also the nurse was quite prepared to put a collar a very frightened and stressed out cat after a neutering even though she knew it would stress out the cat even more. When I complained the response was even more shocking - no remorse - in fact the person said they didnt have time for ' my arguments with staff' - this was not an argument but an unhappy and concerned customer who had serious concerns with the actions of a member of staff - when I said I would be redrawing my pets from the practice and writing a bad review - the attitude all seemed to change
I would strongly recommended that if you care about your pets do not trust them with your dearest companions - they state they treat your pets as their own - well if this is now they treat customer pets then maybe they should not be pet owners

Manor Vets

We did not lose this cat and therefore we feel that this review is unfair. The owner lost this feral cat in our car park as it escaped from their faulty carrier whilst in their possession (not ours). We did warn the client that their carrier was faulty before they left our building. We cannot be held responsible as it clearly happened outside our building without us present and whilst the cat was in the owners control. We even offered advice that the owner should carry the pet carrier from the bottom to avoid any chance of it coming apart. We have great sympathy for the owner and we are surprised at the review as we did try to help the owner find the cat, but it was a feral cat and clearly saw its chance to return to its feral lifestyle. At least he will not be able to get any lady cats pregnant on his travels now.


Reviewed by: KirstyW on 25/02/2015

Overall rating:


“Brilliant service, amazing staff!”

Me & my partner would like to thank all of the staff, particularly Vet Amy who helped treat our dog Cassie at such short notice. All of the staff are so kind, caring & helpful & it was lovely to see how dedicated & passionate the staff are in their job roles. They were excellent at keeping us uptodate with Cassie's progress. I would highly recommend this Veterinary Practice.


Reviewed by: yvonne on 24/12/2014

Overall rating:


“My beautiful cat Merlin”

My beautiful cat Merlin was put to sleep today after being hit by a car. Initially the team at Manor vets felt he may recover and did everything possible to keep him alive.
Although I am devastated, everyone at manor vets was so kind to me and Merlin right to the end. I was kept informed and the advice they gave was so needed, Allowing me the time to be with him while he went to sleep.

Thank you all so much,


Reviewed by: Jayne W on 23/12/2014

Overall rating:


Darran Jennings
Vet Partner

Dear Jayne

I am very sorry you had a bad experience. I am also very sorry you lost your much loved dog too. We are all pet owners too and I am genuinely saddened to hear you had a negative experience. Please be assured that our staff do not have any targets or financial incentives at all. They are paid set salaries for their roles and finances are never discussed with them. We simply try to offer the best for the pet and owner. We feel that it is our duty to always offer and discuss all treatment options before making a joint decision with pet owners on how to proceed in each case and we appreciate this is a delicate task and requires great sensitivity at times (but if we fail to do this we are not doing our job properly). Sometimes tests are appropriate and can be useful as they can change the course of events or help clarify things when making a difficult decision such as yours. We would never perform tests without your full consent. I am sorry you had to wait when you came back, our job is unpredictable and sometimes delays occur but I do feel we could have handled your delay better bearing in mind the purpose of your visit. We will look at the precise sequence of events and see if we can improve this in future. I am very sorry for the delay. Please contact us if you have any further comments or questions I can help you with. In addition if you would like to speak with me by telephone or in person please let me know as I would value your detailed feedback in order that we can improve things.


Reviewed by: Gemma on 16/12/2014

Overall rating:


“poorly puppy”

Manor vets have been amazing, at 3 months old my new puppy Ruby developed a lump on her face. We ended up visiting the vets more than i would have cared for but on each visit ruby was treated with care and affection and i was fully informed of what they were doing and the next steps to be taken. Even though some of the treatment was not nice for Ruby she loved coming to the vets each time and dragged me through the door to get in. Hey also put the claim through for my insurance which took pressure off me when looking after an ill puppy. Thank you manor vets, me and Ruby could not of asked for better service.


Reviewed by: Jackie on 09/11/2014

Overall rating:


“The care of our cairn terrier Sizzles”

What can I say, because thank you will never be enough. 3wks ago our pet Sizzles was taken ill an spent 3nights an four days with the vets an nurses. We as a famy thought we would have to put her down. But thanks to their hard work, an early treatment she was saved. Although she wl be on tablets for the rest of her life (Addison disease) her quality of life will be good. The care an support we have received is priceless. We have our family pet once more. I cannot recommend manor vets enough. all the staff, including the overnight staff have been wonderful. Thank you so so much


Reviewed by: Jane on 17/02/2014

Overall rating:


“Caring and professional practice”

I have used Manor Vets for my pets for over 20 years, I have always found the same consistency .The staff are amazing and very professional in their work, I have recently lost my beloved cat of almost 17 years the staff were very understanding and Claire really helped with two years of her treatment. An amazing bunch of people from reception to vets there always helpful.
A professional run practice that really show a genuine caring approach.