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Tel: 0121 429 2829

373 Hagley Road
West Midlands B17 8DL

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Welcome to Manor Vets 7 Days a Week

Keeping your pet in tip top health is our aim!

We have superb levels of equipment, facilities and veterinary knowledge, resulting in a reputation as one of the leading practices in the West Midlands.

  • All our vets are fully qualified and RCVS registered.
  • We guarantee you can see a vet today if you need one.
  • In house specialists in many disciplines.
  • 24hour emergency service.
  • serving the local area for over 100 years.
  • All Pets including Exotic Species

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: PANIZ on 02/10/2015

Overall rating:



Reviewed by: Kate on 09/04/2015

Overall rating:


“Passionate and professional”

I've tried several vets over the years and I've always struggled to find one that I've actually trusted to look after my pets. Finding Manor Vets was a blessing!
When registering my kitten there and having her first lot of check ups, we unfortunately had a vet that missed her heart murmur and also put her down as a boy (I'm not sure how that happened!). We've not seen this vet since fortunately and apart from this one meeting, every time we've visited we've been blown away by the kindness and passion from every staff member. It's incredibly obvious from the get go that everyone working here loves animals and they really do treat your pet as their own.
The receptionists are absolutely fantastic and always leave a smile on our face when we visit and the vets and the veterinary nurses themselves are incredible (especially David, my cat seems to love him!). As soon as we found out about her condition (by David), everyone was very sympathetic and talked us through everything. We were worried at first, but now we feel confident knowing she's in good hands.
The practice itself is clean, modern and cheerful. I've recommended it to all my friends in the area and I can't fault it. By far the best vets in the Birmingham area.


Reviewed by: Saitir on 16/02/2015

Overall rating:


“Caring, Conscientious and Compassionate to Pets and their Owners”

Simply a wonderful team who have cared for my pet exceptionally well.

Particular thanks to Stephanie and Lindsay.

Only criticism - and it's not about pet care, or something that is a personal issue - is that they could take a more proactive approach to insurance payments, and help less well off clients by accepting payment directly from insurance companies.

Manor Vets

Dear Client

Thank you for your kind comments about our team. Regarding he insurance we do offer direct claims (there are certain conditions which must be met to facilitate this but without access to your records, I am not in a position to check your case to see if you qualified), I am sorry if this was not offered to you. Perhaps we can help with this if you need our services again. Thank you again for the kind feedback. Best Regards Manor Vets.


Reviewed by: CFiander on 11/02/2015

Overall rating:


“Do not go here!”

Awful place - please do not go here, you'll be charged a very minimum of THREE times the amount you would elsewhere, they are not at all compassionate and all they care about is taking people's money! They wanted £400 to operate on a rat- it was cheaper for me to get on the train and go to a vets in Stoke-On-Trent - I spent well under £200 including the train tickets in the end...

Since then I have found a lovely vets in Birmingham, as my rat's tumour returned and he was very unwell... This only cost me £26 for a consultation, euthanasia and cremation all included - Orchard vets in Oldbury. Absolutely lovely, understanding and empathetic staff there... As opposed to this place, but it's easy to see why they have such good reviews, they act so nice, friendly and welcoming but it's all fake, they guilt trip you into spending loads of money! As I stated, they wanted £400 for the op, £37 for a consultation, and even wanted me to pay extra for pain relief on top... I got told if I couldn't afford it, I would have to have the rat put down and I should make my decision within the next 24 hours. Even had the vet ring me at home the next day, asking me if I've made my decision because my rat is suffering - at this point he wasn't suffering at all and was running around, like his happy usual self.

I'd highly recommend The Orchard Vets in Oldbury, very low prices but genuinely nice, and genuinely care about what is best for the animal.

Manor Vets


Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry you were not satisfied with Manor Vets. Our exotic pet service is a specialist service and we aim to offer the best possible care for exotic pets and to the same level as we do with dogs and cats. To that end our vets have specialist qualifications and also train other vets in exotic pet medicine and surgery. Tumours in rats are something we see frequently. Our normal stance should have been to offer you various options, this would include the optimal medical option (which may cost more) but also of cheaper options. I cannot check your account to see the notes as I do not have your details, but if this was not the case I apologise. It is certainly not our policy to put any of our clients under pressure so if you felt this please accept our sincere apologies. Our vets are not paid any kind of commission, they just have your pets best interest at the forefront of their recommendations. If you would like to provide your details to us we can look into the matter further for you and give a more detailed response. We are always looking to improve and would value your interaction with us. Kind Regards Manor Vets. You can contact us on


Reviewed by: Harri on 28/10/2014

Overall rating:


“First time using, very impressed.”

First time I've ever used this vets. I called in the afternoon and they got me in later that day, appointment was on time too.
The clinic itself is easy to find and the waiting area clean and pleasant. The staff on the desk were polite, friendly and helpful.
The Vet I had was gentle with my pet rat, put him at ease and was clearly very knowledgable. She was happy to talk me through my pets medication (what he was being administered, why, and tips for getting him to take it) overall the experience was a positive one (despite the whole 'my pet is ill' thing) and I will definitely be using this vets again.


Reviewed by: Paul Mahon on 19/08/2014

Overall rating:


“Couldn't fault”

Reception staff were amazing and remembered my dog's name from the phone call as well as offering him a treat and coming round to stroke him. The Vet was really informative, knew his stuff and helped me out with great suggestions to further enhance the life of my dog.

Very impressed and all of it is much appreciated!! Thank you!


Reviewed by: Lynda on 29/04/2014

Overall rating:


“First class compassionate care”

Had to have my old girls two pigmy hedgehogs put to sleep at this practice recently. Stephanie the vet and the team were very supportive they understood what I needed how to make this painful process of loosing much loved pets as easy as possible I was able to be there at the end of their little lives which was very important to me.
I have every confidence to now take my dogs there and will be using this practice in happier times for routine jabs!
Thank you Stephanie you were a star and I wish you a long career at this lovely practice


Reviewed by: Julia Tromans on 26/06/2013

Overall rating:


“Top Chinchilla Care”

A good exotic vet is hard to find...and an excellent one even rarer still.

Having used 'local' vets for our Chinchillas we have encountered many problems, especially when it comes to dental care. Many vets fail to spot the signs or understand the importance of checking roots. I have had mis-diagnosis and even worse, refusals of pain management.

The exotics team at Manor (we usually see Marie but have also seen Toby)are professional, caring and give out a realistic prognosis. I have a Chinchilla who requires regular dentals and pain relief. The dental work has always been top notch and as a result, he is still with us some 18 months after diagnosis of terminal root elongation.

They have a great understanding of the species, and a ton of experience. They are certainly not the most local vet to me, but the only vet I would trust the care of my Chinchillas too.

If you need a good Chinnie Vet, Manor Edgbaston is the place to go. Worth every Penny.


Reviewed by: Gena Seaberg, Consultant for Captive Prairie Dog Care on 23/01/2013

Overall rating:


“Extraordinary care for ground squirrels that comes with highest recommendations.”

Marie Kubiak, Toby Trimble, and the staff at Manor Vets Edgebaston should be recognized and applauded for going above and beyond with their services to prairie dogs and Richardson Ground Squirrels (RGS). In a field where knowledgeable veterinary care of these species is in short supply and a rare commodity, it is refreshing to know that I have a place to refer my clients where I can trust that these animals will get the best care available in the UK.

What I find as their strongest asset is that they are continually striving to stay knowledgeable and up to date with the various species they see and are flexible, open-minded, and willing to seek out information from those that may have more experience hands-on with an animal in order to benefit who they may be treating. They ensure that they are getting the best and providing the best to the animals under their care and treat the animals and their caretakers like family. They understand how important exotic species are to their owners as cherished and beloved family.

I'd say they are worth the time and drive, regardless of your location, especially when it comes to prairie dogs and RGS.


Reviewed by: Rachel Frost on 22/01/2013

Overall rating:


“5* Vet Practise”

I have been with these vets for years & they have never disappointed me! Always there when I need their help, be it on the phone or when I'm having a panic attack (usually over nothing) & insist on my dog being seen ASAP. They will do everything possible to help you 24 hours a day, Everyday of the year. They saved my Ridgebacks life so many times & helped give him a long & happy life with his illness.

I travel 30 minutes to get to them & I do that because they are fantastic, trustworthy vets & nurses.

I highly recommended them especially David - My dogs love him!


Reviewed by: Rachel on 22/01/2013

Overall rating:


“Great vet, great service”

The exotics team at Edgbaston really know their stuff - would recommend to all rabbit owners.

The 24 hour assistance is a god send - don't think my little mini lop rabbit would be here today without the emergency care he's received.

All staff are kind and upbeat - the care and attention they give is outstanding.


Reviewed by: Laura Nolan on 22/01/2013

Overall rating:


“Squirrel Mad!”

As owners of 17 Ground Squirrels and Prairie Dogs, we really value Marie's/Toby's expert knowledge of exotic species, which in our experience is unrivaled. Over the last few years year most of our pets have needed Marie's attention in some form, be it cutting a very scared Prairie Dog's nails, or arranging for CT scans of one of our Ground Squirrels teeth to assist in understanding the cause of his Odontoma. A year ago one of our Squirrels developed an abscess beneath his eye the day before we were due to fly away on our Christmas vacation. Marie truly went beyond the call of duty and agreed to personally look after our pet for the duration of our holiday over both Christmas and New Year holidays, including post-operative care following the removal of his eye in order to treat the abscess. Not only was Marie able to save our pet by operating to remove the eye and abscess, but she also saved our holiday as we would otherwise have had to cancel our travel plans. Our pet spent the whole period with her and we were kept updated every day via email of his progress until we returned from our holiday. Toby has had to deal with emergency Rut repairs on our baby Gizmo (When PD hormones kick in and their temperament changes) and then having to deal with Mamma issuing instructions of it SLEEPS IN BED not in a cage so can you take it home with you! During the course of the last year we also have also sadly last 3 of our 'babies' and Marie and Toby and Manor Vet Staff have showed us much compassion. We are very thankful to have found someone with not only such an amazing knowledge of exotic species, but also having such a caring and generous nature. We are very grateful towards Manor Vets for everything they is our 'home away from home' as we are there every month!


Reviewed by: Nicola on 19/01/2013

Overall rating:



I would highly recommend Manor Vets, all staff are friendly and helpful and it has an outstanding Exotics Department.