Abington Park Veterinary Group @ 427 Wellingborough Road

Website: http://www.abingtonvets.co.uk
Tel: 01604 628685

427 Wellingborough Road
Northamptonshire NN1 4EZ

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We are open 7 days a week, 8.30am to 10pm with no extra charges for weekend work. we run our own 24 hour emergency service using our own staff from our own surgery. We undertake all small animal work from vaccinations and neuterings to more complex procedures such as complex orthopaedic surgery, MRI and CT scanning. We undertake referrals in orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery, internal medicine, dermatology, endocrinology, cardiology. 

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Angela on 07/12/2014

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Reviewed by: OllieRice on 09/04/2014

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“Vets who actually care about the welfare of my pets”

A lot of vets in Northampton are greedy and are often only interested in the money so service is rushed and pets are not looked after as well as they should be. Abington Park Vets is completely the opposite. My cat was recently taken in sick and I was very worried. The vets took good care of her and you could tell that they really cared for the animals and looked after them as if it were their own pet. I was very happy with the way they treated me and I will continue to use this vets for all my pets in future.


Reviewed by: Adpri on 16/03/2014

Overall rating:


“Years of service and it gets better”

Having been to the wellingbough rd surgery for years with family pets when I lived at home (dogs, cats and rodents of various types) my partner and I now use them for all our own pets (dogs, cats, rats and a gecko). Not only are they friendly and love animals. They give advice and are really in it for the long haul for your life with the animal. Just pop in to see them is fine and not going to cost you, but helps get your pet used to the place and the people making it a place they like to be and not scary. They are 24hr and when you call on a Sunday night because your worried they will give you a full run through of symptoms and advice.

All in all they have got better over the years and with 2 more sites since our family started using them that can't be bad. Can't say enough about them.


Reviewed by: Julie on 18/09/2013

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“Emergency Services”

Our dog Caillie, had an operation on her leg, and we were told how to check her toes up at the Moulton College Surgery. Later that evening her toes were cold, I called the emergency number and we took her straight in to the Northampton branch. Upon arrival, just after 10pm we were greeted and Caillie quickly assessed. We were told what was going to be done clearly and professionally. Caillie was taken off for sedation a few minutes after arrival. The staff we saw were great and their care of Caillie was exemplary, as with the staff up at Moulton. Thanks to all!


Reviewed by: Beth on 01/09/2013

Overall rating:


“An excellent and caring vets”

I had to make an emergency call this afternoon (a Sunday) for my dog who was screaming in pain. Even though we were not registered at this vets (we are now though!) they told us to come in straight away and we were seen within 8 mins of arriving. The vet was very professional and explained everything in detail in a language that a layperson could understand. She laid out all of the costs before I agreed to the treatment so that there wasn't any nasty surprise at the end of it and I felt that they genuinely cared for my dogs welfare. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this practice as although veterinary treatment is expensive wherever you go, the care and respect is priceless if you find the right surgery.


Reviewed by: Jane on 02/08/2013

Overall rating:


“Highly Recommended”

Every visit to a vet is a worry whether for a hamster, rabbit, parrot or chicken! All the vets I have seen at this practice have been excellent at explaining what my animals have needed and have provided fantastic levels of care to them all.

I would recommend this practice to anyone looking for a vet for their animal.