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Veterinary practice for pets "We care" Vets and Nurses who love animals and who listen and explain. Professional excellence and compassion for our patients and their owners.

The only Royal College inspected and approved GP Veterinary Hospital in Calderdale. Dedicated staff on-site 24 hours, every day of the year and all the facilities you would expect, from day-to-day care of your pets to intenstive care for seriously ill patients and emergencies.

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Michala on 16/03/2015

Overall rating:


“A friendly and sympathetic service”

I brought my extremely sick kitten in and unfortunately she had to be put to sleep. During this extremely distressing time the staff were extremely sympathetic and friendly and treated my much loved pet as one of their own. Highly recommended


Reviewed by: Daisy mae on 10/06/2014

Overall rating:



Having taken my pet to your vet for 10 years and had good service on my pet I have to complain about your office service it falls down below standard service last year you lost my claims forms resulting in a 5 month wait for payment my latest claim form will take2 weeks to proses but you demand payment per treatment why so long in your office

Judith Lumb
West Mount Vets

We can only apologise for the loss of your claim form. We have now put procedures in place to ensure this will not happen again.

All claim forms are completed by one of our qualified nurses and those which we cannot send electronically direct to the insurer, need to then be signed by the veterinary surgeon and posted. We advise clients that this may take up to two weeks although usually it is done considerably quicker than this.


Reviewed by: excellant on 19/04/2013

Overall rating:


“very happy with all the vtes and staff at the halifax branch”

I would recommend pellon lane vets to everyone I know who have a special animal they love dearly...They have looked after my beautiful molly since she was a pup with love and dedication.. we have just had to put molly to sleep on wednesday 17th April 2013 after spending 13 years of her devoted company.. I would like to thank you all and a very special THANK YOU to Emma she has been a star with Molly even showing her feelings when she found Molly to have cancer. she was very profesional and was a very caring vet.. nice to see the vets have feeling too. Also a big thank you to nigel who was there for us when Emma couldnt be. He was so caring and gave us time and a shouder to cry on... it still very raw at the moment and we will miss molly to the stars and back. once again THANK YOU TO YOU ALL

Julie Beverley


Reviewed by: Tina Rollings on 13/02/2013

Overall rating:


“Caring Professionals - Would Highly recommend.”

I can't say enough about the staff team at West Mount Hx. <br />
My dog has recently spent some time as an inpatient and I am confident that she is always in good hands. I have complete faith in the clinical team. <br />
Jessie was far from the� ideal patient� but the staff team were always patience, persistent, compassionate and caring. <br />
Thank you.


Reviewed by: MR P CROSSLEY on 13/02/2013

Overall rating:


“very pleasant”

a timely and cost affective procedure for my ferret, all the staff were very helpful, professional, informative, generally . thankyou.


Reviewed by: Olivia on 13/02/2013

Overall rating:



All the staff at West Mount vets gave us first class service, both in terms of patient care and customer assistance, would widely recommend them and will definately be using them again!


Reviewed by: Sophie on 13/02/2013

Overall rating:


“Amazing care”

Recieved amazing customer service from the Halifax branch, my partner and I brought in our house rabbit for a simple neutering. The vet nurse on the reception (Abbi) was extremely friendly, helpful and very approachable- she helped relax my worrisome partner and answer all questions we had (no matter how silly they may have been) in a knowledgeable and patient manner.

The vet(Alison) instantly put us at ease with her friendly demeanour and handled Dumbledore(said rabbit) with professional ease and skill. The surgery went smoothly and the aftercare was second to none.

We will be returning. Thank you to the team behind the scenes too :)


Reviewed by: lurcherlink on 13/02/2013

Overall rating:



The wonderful staff at West Mount Pellon branch saved Chompski, a puppy who'd been handed into our rescue and came down with Parvovirus. I cannot praise them highly enough - nothing was too much for them and I know for certain that without their care, Chompski would be dead. They admitted him as an emergency on a Sunday evening and kept him in with intensive therapy for a week, I was kept informed of his progress and any fears and worries were discussed with me. We nearly gave up on him at one point as he was so ill.....but we decided to give him one more day and he turned a corner. I don't know who was more delighted, the West Mount staff or the Lurcher Link folks. Thank you so much to all of the people who looked after our Chomps x x x


Reviewed by: Sue on 13/02/2013

Overall rating:


“Highly recommend”

Wonderful staff who saved Zara's life. Friendly and helpful and very caring. Not an easy dog to deal with but they were fantastic. I would highly recommend to anyone we are so pleased with all the help and care we received.


Reviewed by: Ben & Sarah on 12/07/2012

Overall rating:


“Outstanding ”

After our little cat Lilly went missing on a Sunday, we found her after being the victim of a very severe dog attack.

We recieved excellent care, and so did Lilly whom was seen immeadiatly during out of hours, and was able to be put back together again the following day. Despite the severity of her injuries she has so far made a miraculous start to her recovery. This would not have been possible without West Mount Halifax and their great staff.

We appreciated being able to call any time to check on her, and being able to visit in person whenever we liked too.

Thanks again

Ben & Sarah


Reviewed by: milly and molly on 16/05/2012

Overall rating:


“thank you for all your help and care”

i had to take Milly, my Yorkie, as she went off her food and had taken a turn for the worse overnight, she turned down food and was generally very ill.
we had to take her from Huddersfield to Halifax where she was put on a drip and checked overnight.
she has made a full recovery and we want to thank the staff for their care.


Reviewed by: Mrs Dean on 14/03/2012

Overall rating:


“Outstanding Care”

We bought our new 6 week old puppy, Ruby, home on Sunday 19th February and all was fine. The following Thursday Ruby started to vomit. I wasn't alarmed at first but the vomiting continued. I rang West Mount Vets in Mytholmroyd and I had an appointment within the hour. The atmosphere was very welcoming when I walked in and I was seen very quickly. Ruby was given anti-sickness tabs and a shot of antibiotic. I was given all the information I needed and if I was worried or if Ruby didn't get any better, I know I could ring them day or night. Unfortunately Ruby became very drowsy and I just knew it was something more serious. My husband, Stuart, rang the emergency number and within half-an-hour we were at the Halifax branch where they provide 24 hr care. Ruby was given a test for Pyrovirus and we got the results back in half-an-hour - Positive. My heart sank, it was the worst possible news.

Ruby was kept in for about 4 days. She was put on a drip with antibiotics and was watched day and night by the staff. Ruby picked up and started to eat, was playful and according to the staff, very vocal (wanting attention) - you've never heard such a cute howl! Unfortunately, with Pyro, they can seem ok one day and then the next day they can be sleepy again and off their food. We were not given any false hopes but were were given realistic advice and statistics regarding this awful virus. When Ruby was eating, playing and "howling" consistently for 24 hrs, we were allowed to take her home. She had lost a lot of weight and she only weighed 1.1kg to start with - she went down to .85kg. Ruby started to thrive but she then developed a cough and runny nose so it was back to the vets again - more antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for 7 days.

I returned to the Mytholmroyd branch yesterday and she was given the "All Clear" for her first vaccinations - much to my relief.

Ruby is now a "normal" puppy, playing, sleeping and eating! She still has a slight cough but this should go in time.

I have owned cats and dogs all of my life and at one time bred Siamese cats. I have obviously had experience of many veternary practices and West Mount are by far the best I have used.

As I have said above, I found both Halifax and Mytholmroyd very welcoming, the premises extremely clean and the Veternary Nurses are very well trained and go above and beyond their duties to ensure your pets are well cared for. I have found the Vets (I surely have seen them all now!) very knowledgeable and experts in their field.

My eldest daughter, Helen, has visited the Elland branch for many years with her cats and again, her pets have been given expert care and no matter how many pets are waiting to see the vet, they always allow you plenty of time to ask any questions and never rush you through.

We will be forever thankful for the care, attention and treatment Ruby received in her shaky start in life. If it wasn't for their expertise, I'm sure Ruby would not be with us today.

We can't praise them enough and we are so happy West Mount are our vets and I highly recommend them.


Reviewed by: Zeta on 11/03/2012

Overall rating:


“Great and caring people”

Hello this is Zoe Gurteen I would just like to thank my Aunty Emma for removing the pine cone from my tummy and making me better, I was a very poorly girl,I would like to thank Aunty Helen who has helped with my seizures and all the lovely nurses.
My mum said I have to do this as she is so grateful to all of you, she said that without you there would be no Zoe.
Although Zeta is frightened of Vets she too is grateful for you making her legs better.


Reviewed by: Julie West on 26/02/2012

Overall rating:


“The highest standard of care for pet and owner”

The Halifax team of West Mount Vets care for all of our Dobermanns from The Dobermann Trust Rescue and for our own personal pets.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them highly to anyone in the West Yorkshire area who is looking for a practice to care for their animals.

I have referred fellow Dobermann owners here when they have been dissatisfied with their own vet and they have told me of the night and day difference they experience in standard of care for their dog and the level of information provided to them as the owner.

The supportive manner in which each vet consults with the owner of the animal is imperative in ensuring that the best decision for each pet and owner is reached, and I am certain this is the goal of the team at West Mount which I believe they have achieved every time.

I have taken dogs to them after waking them in the night in an emergency situation, I have been the first person through the door in the morning and the final appointment on a late Friday evening. Every time, the same high standard of care and the same patience to explain what is happening and what must be done next.

Before, during and after operations the team care for our pets when they are vulnerable and often afraid. They keep me well informed on the progress of each dog through the preparations, surgery and recovery and offer a high standard of aftercare.

The team have shown kindness and provided emotional support to me personally as an owner and in those very difficult times when you must leave your animal for the last time, they help you do this calmly with dignity and tenderness for your pet.

I truthfully could not give a more glowing report to the knowledgeable and caring team of this practice and would not go anywhere else. Thank you for everything you do for us and our Dobes who mean the world to us.


Reviewed by: cm hebden bridge on 06/02/2012

Overall rating:


“Awful experience wouldn”

I was very shaken when I brought my dog in in an emergency after she had suffered a seizure. The vet was cold, irritated and unhelpful when faced by my questions (I was shaken up it has to be said) but she acted as if I was not accepting her opinion on my pet, I was, I just needed to know more about it... clearly us mere mortals are not allowed to question vets. I was actually reduced to tears and had to excuse myself from the surgery. Very upsetting and very disappointing experience.

Richard Holborow
Director of West Mount Vets

Few things are as distressing as seeing a seizure for the first time. There is usually no warning. Everything seems normal at one moment then, all of a sudden, your pet seems to be fighting for its life. It looks and sounds as if the animal is in extreme agony although, thankfully, unconsciousness prevents awareness of what is happening and there is no sensation of pain. Most seizures last only a few minutes. Often, when an understandably frightened owner calls us, the animal is already starting to recover and in very many cases they seem back to normal within half an hour or less. Recovery is often better in calm, quiet, surroundings. Immediate emergency attention is usually needed only if the seizure does not come to an end within a few minutes or if a series of fits occurs within a short period. It is very important to investigate the cause of the seizure, with the aim of preventing future recurrences, but there are numerous possible causes and this investigation can take some time. A final diagnosis can take days or weeks but in most cases the first tests can safely wait a few hours until the immediate after-effects of the seizure have completely gone.

Nevertheless we understand that owners calling us for the first time in these circumstances are very distressed and often unwilling to wait for the seizure to subside naturally. If requested, we will always agree to see cases like this as an emergency, whatever the time of day or night. We have a vet and a veterinary nurse on-site every night of the year to look after in-patients and deal with emergencies. As far as we know we are the only local practice with a night-time vet always on the premises.

Some of the causes of seizures can be identified by blood tests and because we have an in-house laboratory at our Halifax hospital we can run these tests while a client waits, even in the middle of the night. Seizure-like attacks can also be caused by heart problems, so a cardiology work-up is often required. Epilepsy is the most common trigger of seizures but it can be diagnosed only by ruling out other possible causes and it can be dangerous to jump too quickly to a diagnosis. If we cover up the symptoms we increase the risk of missing an opportunity to identify and treat another true cause. Starting treatment for epilepsy before looking for other causes is not good practice. Even if epilepsy is confirmed there is often a long gap between a first fit and the next, sometimes many months, but once anti-convulsant medication starts it is impossible to know the real pattern or even if treatment is really necessary.

Overall, the vet and her veterinary nurse were involved with the case from your first 1.50 a.m. call and your arrival soon afterwards, until nearly 4.00 a.m. that Sunday morning, with more telephone advice as the day progressed, and our Mytholmroyd staff spent a lot of time with you during the following week. It would be interesting to know how our care for your pet would compare with other veterinary practices or indeed an NHS response to a similar episode affecting a child. After the quality of care we provided our staff were very disappointed to learn that you have moved to another practice.
Vets are human too and veterinary emergency work can be tough. We may not be immediately at our best when woken by an early hours call, after a busy Saturday and with another day and night ahead. It can be difficult to concentrate on the job in hand while also trying to respond to an anxious owner who, perfectly reasonably, wants immediate answers to questions we have not yet resolved. We try our best to be calm, reassuring and informative and I think we usually manage to do that well. However, when in a state of high anxiety it can be easy to mis-interpret the words of others. I have no doubt that you felt the way you did about the way you were spoken to, but my colleague had no intention of belittling you. As far as she can remember she was kind, polite and professional throughout the two hours, as usual. I have never heard a similar complaint about her and her veterinary nurse noticed nothing amiss. People have commented on her calmness and unflappability under pressure. She is deeply sorry that you felt that way as her professional reputation is very important to her.

Vets have feelings too. We don't expect thanks for everything we do but even the most dedicated vet finds it very disheartening to receive such criticism after taking so much trouble over a case. Sadly, the day after we received your devastating review, my colleague resigned from her job with us as a weekend emergency vet. We wish her well but we will miss her. She has been with us for several years and we are very sorry to be losing her. Good vets are precious, especially ones prepared to spend so much time with an anxious client at that time of day.

cm hebden bridge

This response intimates that I had an issue with the treatment my pet received. This is not the case. I was upset by the Vet in question's tone and the manner in which I was spoken to during what was a very stressful time when I had thought my dog was dying. I did not have seizures explained to me, nor was it pointed out that the dog was probably unconscious and not in any pain or that they were quite common. I would like to state that the care I received from West Mount Vets in Mytholmroyd subsequently was more than satisfactory.à


Reviewed by: Betsy on 24/01/2012

Overall rating:


“Could'nt have wished for better”

What a wonderful practice. Although the diagnosis was not good for my kitty, she was very relaxed throughout the visit.


Reviewed by: Dobermann Lover on 18/01/2012

Overall rating:


“You will not find better care for your animal anywhere else”

The fact that they have a vet available 24 hrs a day every day of the year was my main reason for choosing to go here as my breed can be prone to bloat which requires immediate surgery or results in loss of life. The reason I kept going is because the staff are second to none.

They provide a very high standard of care for each animal, take the time to explain matters to the owners, deal with stressful circumstances every day and still manage to find a smile and chat for everyone who calls.

I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else !


Reviewed by: doggie mama on 08/10/2011

Overall rating:


“Thank You!!”

Just want to say a huge THANK YOU to the dedicated vets & nurses for taking care of my dog who was admitted as an emergency recently. They were so patient & understanding with my numerous concerned phone calls requesting updates! Keep up the good work!!


Reviewed by: chihuahua on 19/09/2011

Overall rating:


“this practice comes highly recommended to all”

an outstanding practice,run by excellent caring staff.my only quarm is it is a little on the expensive side for consultations.


Reviewed by: Debbie on 19/09/2011

Overall rating:


“Highly recommend”

The staff are very caring, friendly and helpful. They are always happy to answer any queries or to give advice. My cats have been patients there for over 12 years and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Highly recommended.


Reviewed by: julie on 27/08/2011

Overall rating:


“would recommend”

Found all the staff friendly and helpful. Very reasonably priced. Clean and modern facilities. Would highly recommend this surgery to all.


Reviewed by: halifax on 11/08/2011

Overall rating:



My visit was excellent with very good knowlege and care of my dog, from both the nurses and the Vet. The cleanliness of the facility was very good.


Reviewed by: my dog hates tories too on 14/06/2011

Overall rating:


“very nice people”

every one at the practice from the nurses to the vets are friendly and helpfull they all have lots of patience and lots of friendly advice for the worried pet owner.the practice say that they are not the cheapest around but they are most certainly not the most expensive and have certain days of the week for those of us who need to watch the pennies. i would recommend them to all my friends and family.