Coutts Veterinary Surgery

Tel: 01767 313 323

Medivet Biggleswade
15 Shortmead Street
Bedfordshire SG18 0AT

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Our branches provide a dedicated local service to clients, offering a comprehensive, quality service at affordable prices.

As part of the Medivet family, your pet will have the benefit of the skills and experience of over 200 vets throughout the company.  Our staff aim to provide a welcoming and professional environment for both pet and client.

We offer both diagnostic and surgical care as well as a wealth of additional benefits to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: mary Brennan on 05/09/2015

Overall rating:


“Excellent friendly service”

I found the whole staff at the surgery very helpful, friendly and compassionate. As a new person to the area naturally I wanted the best for my pets and I have found it. I had a great vet at my old town which I thought would be very hard to replace. But thankfully I have found just what I was looking for. Theo and Staff go that little bit extra which is LOST in big practices who have a set way of dealing with clients. You get a individual approach with Coutts Vets. which is brilliant.


Reviewed by: Bren on 24/07/2015

Overall rating:



I cannot praise Theo and his team enough, they always have time for you, and are just fantastic with the animals. The best vets we have been too. Carry on the great work.


Reviewed by: All Staff on 26/08/2014

Overall rating:



Nothing is to much trouble for them and they treat your pet as if it was there own


Reviewed by: jenni on 24/06/2014

Overall rating:



the lady vet Mai was realy kind&gentle to my dog who was poorly
I would definately recommend
very professional but had time for us
always going to use this vets from now on
would realy like to thank them for making him better


Reviewed by: Linda Craddock on 04/03/2014

Overall rating:


“Cannot thank you enough”

Having used this pratice for many years having various pets from rabbits, cats, kittens and now 3 wonderful dogs. I cannot recommend this pratice highly enough. This is one vet who DO NOT put money before the welfare of your pet. On Saturday we thought we were going to loose our beloved 10 year old golden retriever Molly due to pyometra - however today Tuesday, Molly is nearly back to her usual self, weeing, pooing, eating, drinking all thanks to YOU guys.

I really cannot thank you enough for all your help, in particular, Theo, Suzanne and Mai who did the surgery. What a wonderful wonderful team you guys make.

Linda & Nigel Craddock
Molly, Burley & Vinnie thank you too.


Reviewed by: The Coe family on 19/12/2013

Overall rating:


“Above and beyond all expectations.”

Our 2 year old cat Sooty went out one evening. She was in perfect health and is a very active cat. When she didn't come in when called we went looking for her to find her paralyzed in the cold. We still do not know what happened to her but we feared the worst. As it was late on a Saturday night we couldn't get her into any vets without paying an extortionate price or driving her miles and miles away.

Coutts agreed to take her in. When we arrived, the family had already said our goodbyes and prepared for the worst- sooty couldn't move her back legs and was clearly in a lot of pain.

Upon being x-rayed her pelvis was shattered to pieces and putting pressure on her internal organs. Sooty is insured but her insurance would barely cover half the full cost of an orthopedic surgeon which she desperately needed. Theo explored all the options, even calling to see if any universities would take her but none would.

He then gave us three options. One would be to put her to sleep straight away, the other to amputate her leg and the last would be he would perform the surgery to try and repair her pelvis at a cost that would fit out insurance budget. Sooty is a young and active cat and we wanted to give her every chance, so we felt that amputating would take from her quality of life not to mention she may still be incontinent after. So therefore it was decided that Theo would attempt the surgery but if it failed she would be put down without having to wake up and endure more pain.

In preparation for the surgery, Sooty was kept very comfortable and was completely free from pain. They helped her go to the toilet as she couldn't do so on her own and generally gave her exceptional care the entire time she was at the vets to ensure she was strong enough for surgery.

Another vet was called from another branch to assist the surgery, and along with Theo they gave Sooty every possible chance of a recovery. They used metal plates and screws to hold her pelvis back together which took many tense hours to complete. Despite being out of his comfort zone, Theo put our little cat back together as well as we believe any orthopedic surgeon could. The team at Coutts went beyond the extra mile to save Sooty and against all odds they succeeded.

It was expected that Sooty would never really be quite back to normal but that she would be comfortable and still have a decent quality of life. Now 8 weeks on, Sooty's fur is growing back and she is back to all her mischief with her daughter. Her leg will always be stiff but she has made as close to a full recovery as possible and we have many more years to enjoy our sweet girl.

We quite simply cannot thank the team at Coutts enough. They went above and beyond all expectations and we were treated better than at any other vets we had used before. Their compassion and determination to put the animal before anything else is incredible.


Reviewed by: Dusty Pardoe-martin on 18/12/2013

Overall rating:


“A very exceptional Vet Practice - by Dusty a West Highland Terrier”

Over the last few months I have had some medical issues, and my mum took me to see Theo and his team in the Biggleswade surgery. I didn't have serious problems but my issues worried my mum very much. On each visit Sue and Jade made a great fuss of me which made me and my mum very relaxed and i was not so frightened when I saw Theo and Maitane.

When I saw Theo or Maitane they always give me a big cuddle and lots of fuss! I then let them examine me without any trouble. When they have given me medicine I have always felt much better in no time!

When the time came for my mum to pay, because I am covered under an insurance policy, Sue always helps my mum to complete the paperwork and sorted out all the medication I needed. Sue made sure that my mum was happy that all the paperwork and medicine is in order.

I am so happy that my mum takes me to this vets in Biggleswade and I will always recommend to my friends.

I am a very lucky dog that my vets is very caring, thoughtful, professional and friendly.

Dusty Pardoe-Martin


Reviewed by: murserf on 05/11/2013

Overall rating:


“Professional, compassionate care.”

We recently had to have our beautiful cat put to sleep. A horrible situation but it was made much easier by the staff at Coutts who delivered the news clearly and with great sensitivity. I was later given my cat's paw print on a card which was incredibly touching. It will hang in our house for many years to come. Thank you for your care and understanding, we will continue to bring our pets to you as long as we are local!


Reviewed by: Emily1987 on 08/07/2013

Overall rating:


“Conpassion ”

When my 2 guinea pigs fell suddenly ill in January 2013 and I knew the out come wasnt good I felt like it was all my fault at the time.

They both got a neurological problem (which still to this day dont know how) and had to be put to sleep.

The vet was very kind and sympathetic. Also a few days later we got a written card of condolences of our lose. That really touched my heart and made me feel they really did care and cheered me up.


Reviewed by: mulberry on 22/05/2013

Overall rating:


“Truly superb care!”

We've recently transferred the care of our pets to the practice, and are so pleased we did!

Theo, the vet, is outstanding, going well above and beyond the veterinary care any of our animals have received in the past. We get the sense he genuinely has a concern for animals, and making sure their humans understand their care. Communication has been superb. We haven't needed to chase results, he's called us, and he's explained everything very thoroughly.

All the support staff we've encountered are helpful and attentive.

We'd have no hesitation recommending the practice to any caring pet owner.


Reviewed by: Zoe on 02/11/2012

Overall rating:


“"Above and beyond" care”

Thank you to Theo, Sue and all of the team who have done so much for us with our cat Amadeus who fell ill, excellent care, compassion and support with dealing with the insurance company.

You really do make a difference.


Reviewed by: karen on 23/10/2012

Overall rating:



This surgery is just brilliant. Theo is the wonderful with all three of my cats. The service you will receive is 100%. I would definatley recommend you take your pets here.


Reviewed by: tilly on 21/10/2012

Overall rating:


“useless vets”


Reviewed by: Anita on 20/07/2012

Overall rating:


“Very caring surgery”

I have always brought my pets to this surgery for a number of years and highly recommend them to anyone. Every one of them is so caring and I know my dogs are always in safe hands.


Reviewed by: Duncan Huggett on 02/06/2012

Overall rating:


“The best care possible”

Just over a week ago, our cat BW was run over. To be honest, we thought he was dead. Theo - as always - was honest about his prospects, kind and thoughtful, but most important - not willing to give up on an animal that has a chance of still having a quality life. One week later, jaw wired up and minus one eye, BW is home. He has a long way to go and is certainly not out of the woods. But Theo and the team were just amazing. I cannot describe how kind and helpful they have been. In a funny sort of way, it is comforting to know that had the 'difficult' decision have to be made, Theo would make sure we had all the information we needed to ensure BW did not suffer unnecessarily. Happily (and touch wood), BW will make a slow but steady recovery - thanks to the love and care at Coutts.


Reviewed by: Tink on 15/04/2012

Overall rating:


“Second to none service ”

Hi All
I dont normally write reviews but on this occasion i have made an exception, I have and have had many animals and in the past i have stuggled to find a vetanary pratice that i can trust. As im sure it is the same for a lot of people as it is for me my pets are a family members. One of my dogs became very ill and i needed to find a good vet as i wasnt prepeared to just go anywhere. In my serch i was told about Coutts biggleswade vets and i thought i would try them out. I found there service to be excelent and they are so helpful and kind, and as i had to visit every month i wanted somewhere that i was comfortable with. I cannot thank enough all of the team there as they are so skilled and knowlageable and they never once did nothing but help me though a relay bad time. Unfortunatly My beautiful Talula's condition became Critial and i had to have her put to sleep i was so gutted but, They treated my family and i with the upmost dignaty and respect. So Just to say these vets are awsome and i drive 40min just to take my other animals there just because Theo, sue and the rest of team are that good. :)