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Our branches provide a dedicated local service to clients, offering a comprehensive, quality service at affordable prices. Our branches can also provide access to 24 hour services via our linked Southend 24hr Continuous Care and Emergency Centre.

As a part of the Medivet family, your pet will have the benefit of the skills and experience of over 200 vets throughout the company. Our staff aim to provide a welcoming and professional environment for both pet and client.

We offer both diagnostic and surgical care as well as a wealth of additional benefits to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Lizzy King on 23/09/2015

Overall rating:


“Thank You Lizzy”

Just wanted to say you have put my mind at rest when we brought our new addition Herbie to see you today,
Yes he has been a bit naught since we got him last Thursday but felt a lot better after speaking to you and getting your advice.
So pleased we have taken up with the health Pet Plan too for Molly and Herbie



Reviewed by: Angela Killick on 02/06/2015

Overall rating:


“Proffesional and sympathetic”

Apart from a budgie at the age of 5 and several chickens later on in life - My Westie -' Jock ' was and has been my only pet. I say pet - more like best friend - companion - and basically my special boy.So after a short illness in May - quickly diagnosed by Lizzie - I find myself without him now. He never suffered for which Im glad - he was a tough little cookie. But - the way his illness was discovered -and the way Lizzie relayed and explained it to me has made the whole awful experience - bearable. She is a credit to her profession - as are the all the girls who assist her at the practice.
His last few moments on this earth were dignified and calm. Lizzie spoke in such a gentle soft voice which I will never forget.
Thank you with all my heart in all you have done for him - you are worth your weight in gold. xx


Reviewed by: jan on 07/12/2014

Overall rating:



I would like to thank the vets and all the nursing staff at medivet for their commitment and dedication when dealing with my many pets, they have gone above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions, cannot fault them, would never use any other vets.


Reviewed by: Pete on 21/11/2014

Overall rating:


“Absolute Disgrace”

My puppy was taken here by a friend of mine as I was at work.
I spoke to the vet and she said my options were....
1, Leave her overnight for treatment, but no guarantee she would be OK.
2, Take her home with some medication. She might see the night out.
I decided to leave her overnight for treatment. 5 minutes later I get left a voice mail saying that I need to ring back to pay a deposit before treatment could be started.
I was unable to Pay a deposit until I got home in about 2 hours time.
The poor thing was obviously very unwell and in discomfort, so rather than her having to be like this for another 2 hours I made a decision for her to be put to sleep.
This vet was only worried about the money and had no regard for the welfare of the pup.

Medivet Canvey Island

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review, and discussing this matter with us. At Medivet we always strive to treat all pets as if they are our own. When deciding how to progress with a pets' course of treatment there are many factors we have to consider. We would just like to stress again how sorry we are that your puppy had to be put to sleep, whilst we always make a recommendation about a pets' course of treatment, we will always leave the final decision to the owner.

Our clients' feedback is really important to us as it allows us to continually grow and improve our level of service.


Reviewed by: NICKY on 28/10/2014

Overall rating:





Reviewed by: Lydia on 25/07/2014

Overall rating:


“Friendly and understanding ”

Fantastic vets called up at 8am because my daughters hamster had got poorly over night. They fitted me in that morning and I was seen by 9am. Sadly the hamster had a tumour and had to be put to sleep. However I was never made to feel that just because I had a hamster not a dog or cat we weren't important. The vet explained all my options with me was very clear with outcomes and costs up front . They were very understanding and never rushed me. Wish they had been in the island when I had my dog.


Reviewed by: semilore on 03/04/2014

Overall rating:


“brillant vet, and staff”

thanks you for being so caring when my beautiful cat narla had to be put to sleep, lizzie the vet was so caring and kind she advised me it was the best thing to do with my cat, would definetly recommend this vet practise, all staff are very kind and caring


Reviewed by: beryl boult on 10/05/2013

Overall rating:


“would not go there again”

I would not go to this practise again, I took my dog Lilly to have her nails cut, they were the same as when I went in, So I wasted my time and money going to this vets. I feel this practise does not do what you ask them to do.


We are sorry you were disappointed by our levels of service. We have reviewed your case and note the vet advised the need for more regular nail clips rather than a once off radically trimming. At the time of Lillys visit, a radical clip would have exposed the nails sensitive quick which would have made a radical clipping painful to her and probably distressing to you.

beryl boult

If this had been explained to me about my dogs nails, I would have known, but clearly a lack of communication on your part.


Reviewed by: laura and scamp on 16/04/2013

Overall rating:



I could not fault Liz and her team at Medivet. After moving to the practice from another Canvey vets due to them giving a very small puppy a very large amount of drugs for a small stomach problem.

Medivet have always been polite, helpful and very very professional with us. I have had a couple of problems with scamp, and every time Liz and the team have always bent over backwards to help us and get Scamp back to normal as soon as possible. They seem to genuinely care about the animals there and Scamp absoloutley loves the team.
I have never felt ripped off and we have had one lot of treatment that was not covered by insurance, medivet helped us with this and i never once thought something they did was unecessary. The icing on the cake for us was when we were awaiting results of a biopsy, Liz called herself on the thursday evening even though we had an appointment for first thing on the following day.

The main seal of approval comes from Scamp who literally pulls me into the vets as he;s so excited to see everyone, happy scamp = happy parents!


Reviewed by: Hilary Newman on 23/10/2012

Overall rating:


“Canvey Island Medivet not good”

I was very unhappy with this practise

I was very unhappy with the way this practise conducted itself when I took along my dog "Ceaser" for treatment, I found the Veterinary Surgeon was very vague in giving me a diagnosis and felt that things were not being explained to me in detail about his treatment, When I asked questions I felt they were not answered in full.

I also felt the the Veterinary Surgeon was perhaps offering too many tests on my dog that were not only expensive, but with my own inexperience in medical matters I was concerned as to whether they were necessary.
When you attend a Veterinary practise you need to feel that the vet has your pet's best interests and health at the core of mind,I did not feel that at this practise, so I therefore would not go their again.

Goodbye Medivet Canvey Island
From Hilary Newman and "Ceaser"


As pet owners ourselves, we really do understand how distressing losing a pet can be and the bereavement our clients go through.

When serious cases occur it can require a significant amount of potentially costly care (including several tests) to allow us provide the best treatment for our patients.

We have carefully investigated your case and we are satisfied that the care given was of a high standard. All the care we offered was given with Ceasers best interests in mind, to try to help him get well.

We are very sorry that you feel this was not the case, but please rest assured that we always have our patients best interests at heart in everything we do and always aim to deliver the best possible treatment to all our patients.

If you would like to discuss your case further with us please feel free to contact us at any time.


Reviewed by: kayleigh & skii on 14/09/2012

Overall rating:


“Best people for the job”

i would recommend anyone and everyone to go to Canvey medivet. I have had some bad experiences with other vets but i would never change from here now. They have looked after my dog skii so well, I'm surprised they answered the phone to me in the end after i kept ringing up to make sure she was ok.

All of the team have been fantastic with skii as she is a nervous dog and barks a lot, but she like going to see Lizzie and her team.

Lizzie has been brilliant after all the complications skii had and Lizzie and vet Niklaas Kwint (from Hockley medivet) who else operated on skii went into every bit of detail so I knew what was going to be done.

I have never had to wait long to be seen. I'm so glad I changed to medivet.

Thank you to Lizzie, Amy, Lisa and Suzanne from Canvey. Niklaas from Hockley and the team at Southend for everything you have done for me and skii.


Reviewed by: Mrs Denyer on 14/05/2012

Overall rating:


“Friendly and very caring”

Lizzie was so helpful and caring when our little Alfie was diagnosed
with Kidney failure, She was very supportive and was all ways there if you needed to talk to her. Sadly we had to have Alfie put to sleep but she let all the family stay with him and have some alone time after. She is a genuine caring vet.
I would recommend her.


Reviewed by: Jo With Bailey on 11/05/2012

Overall rating:


“Wouldn't go to any other vet now”

Liz and her team are brilliant. Ive been with Liz and team since they moved to Canvey Island, so have got to know the team very well.

I rescued a Boxer dog, Born in January 2012, Bailey was very thin and ill, But with the care of my family and I and also the medivet team, he is alive and well and is growing fast, (To fast at the moment haha)

Anyone can ask anything to the team, and can get a possitive answer back.

I have been to so many vets over the years, and i can now say i have found the best.

My Dogs are never affraid to see Liz and her team. Which has been the problem with other surgery.

Many thanks to Liz and the team.

Jo and Family


Reviewed by: Sue on 27/04/2012

Overall rating:


“Devoted Staff”

Following our cat Patch being run over and seriously injured, the Medivet staff have been kind, caring, considerate and most of all, competent in their capacity as Vets and Nurses. Following an initial stay at the Medivet Hospital in Southend, Patch was allowed home prior to having an operation on his leg and was constantly backwards and forwards to Medivet Canvey, where Lizzie and her staff cared for him and regularly changed his bandages. Patch continues his recovery but it has been and still is a challenge that has been made so much easier by the care and devotion of Lizzie, Amy, Lisa and Suzanne. I cannot praise you all highly enough.


Reviewed by: Mick Smithson on 28/03/2012

Overall rating:


“Thank you”

This morning I took our elderly cat up to Medivet Canvey following him being in a confused state and back legs no longer working, he was 18 years of age.

Until this occasion we had always used another vets on the island, though I always felt that animals taken there were treated purely as "income".

On arrival at Medivet, the young woman on reception was very welcoming and understanding. Casper had soiled himself on the journey and she cleaned him up.

After a very short wait we saw the Vet, who was also friendly and very understanding, and after a full examnination explained the options available for our much loved, soppy old cat, and in a very sympathetic way, we both agreed that it was "time". I was in now way rushed into this decision and I was given time to say goodbye.

I stayed for the procedure and got to hold his head as he passed very peacefully away.

The vet and staff were so sympathetic and I could sense it was genuine.

So they made a very difficult and upsetting process as nice as possible.

The price was very reasonable, not that it was a factor.

So to the Vet and Staff I say thank you. And to the anyone else reading this, I recommend Medivet wholeheartedly.

Oh and RIP Casper, we will never forget you.


Reviewed by: Suzanne on 11/03/2012

Overall rating:


“Lovely personal service”

I'd heard bad things about the Medivet branches....but here on Canvey Island, Liz and her team are lovely....they've seen me when there was an emergency with our cat, and went out of their way to accommodate us, and her!

They've certainly put to bed any doubts I had about the horror stories I'd seen on Watchdog!


Reviewed by: Wendy Peacock on 17/01/2012

Overall rating:



Lizzie and her team are first class professionals who also make you and your pet (in my case Blu and Ozzie) feel important. She is an animal lover and therefore goes beyond ordinary vets.

Thanks to you all.


Reviewed by: Jacky on 28/12/2011

Overall rating:


“Extremely efficient organisation”

Registered with Southend branch as an emergency just before Xmas. Excellent service. Rang Canvey on Wednesday morning to register both my dogs with them as I live on the island . Registered over the phone, records transferred from Southend. Very polite and helpful member of staff.