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Our branches provide a dedicated local service to clients, offering a comprehensive, quality service at affordable prices.

As part of the Medivet family, your pet will have the benefit of the skills and experience of over 200 vets throughout the company.  Our staff aim to provide a welcoming and professional environment for both pet and client.

We offer both diagnostic and surgical care as well as a wealth of additional benefits to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Reviewed by: Wendy on 09/07/2015

Overall rating:


“2 recent emergency appointments”

Just a few lines to thank Monsieur Caron, Teresa Burns & the team at Medivet Flitwick for their fantastic care of my cat & my neighbours cat who both recently needed emergency care. I could not have asked for better attention for either of the cats who had both suffered a traumatic event. Very impressed with both Monsieur Caron & Teresa's identification of the issues on both occasions, their willingness to explain everything fully, answer all questions & offer advice - all done with kindness, professionalism & a genuine love for animals. They also provide annual routine care for my 2 cats which is always completed professionally & with kind consideration to my nervous felines!


Reviewed by: Suzy Todd on 30/04/2015

Overall rating:



I am lucky to have 17yr old cat who I have had for most of her life. In recent years she has suffered from bowel and sickness problems and around two years ago a vet advised that it was probably bowel cancer and that due to her age it was not worth investigating further.
Her condition had been up and down since then but at the beginning of this year she seemed much worse and lost a lot of weight.
I took her to Medivet seriously expecting to have her put down.
However, the lovely vet, Nicholas Caron gave Rosie a thorough examination and said that it might be the feline version of IBS, which could be treatable and mean that Rosie could not only live, but have a better quality of life.
After some tests and treatment I am pleased and amazed to say that Rosie has put on weight, no longer has bowel or vomiting issues and continues to rule the roost over our younger, bigger, cats!
I cannot say enough how grateful I am to Nicholas for not writing Rosie off as just an old cat soon to pass like the previous vet I saw. He is a very genuine, kind and clever vet who looked after my Rosie and got her well when I though all hope was lost. I really did not think that she would still be with us now, and be so well! Thank you Nicholas!


Reviewed by: glynis s on 19/12/2014

Overall rating:


“kind, caring staff”

I cannot praise highly enough the kind, caring team that work at Flitwick. We have mainly seen Teresa and she has always been professional, kind and caring particularly recently when we lost our little cat, Amber.

In my opinion the animal's welfare is always at the front of any decision that is made. This filters down from the nursing staff to the reception staff.

If I was a cat, I would want to be treated here.


Reviewed by: Jeff & Jan, Flitwick Client on 10/12/2014

Overall rating:


“Praise for Medivet Flitwick Practice”

My wife and I cannot speak more highly of the diagnostics and treatment of our dog Vienna provided at Medivet Flitwick Practice. Veterinary Surgeon Nicolas and the Nursing Support Team were excellent. Nicolas clearly explained everything he was doing and why. There were no surprises with cost of diagnostics and treatment as clear estimates provided up front. There were no time constraints with visits, everyone took the time to thoroughly explain what was happening. Good follow-up communication by Team by phone whilst diagnostic tests were being carried out prior to Consultation Appointment. I would highly recommend this Vet Practice.


Reviewed by: Susan Parsfield on 22/11/2014

Overall rating:


“Tilly Parsfield”

I noticed that my five month old puppy cocker spaniel, Tilly, refused her breakfast one morning and as this was so unusual and she was becoming more and more lethargic I took her to see Nicolas Caron as I was so worried. All her observations were normal but both Nicolas and I knew there was something very wrong. He booked her in the next morning for x-rays and scans and yes there was something lodged in her gut! Nicolas operated on her immediately and kept me informed all the way of her treatment and condition. She was a very poorly dog and she was very lucky to have her treatment so quickly! Just over a week after her surgery and now she is back to her bouncy self and thanks to Nicolas and his team I still have my gorgeous puppy Tilly. I can't thank them all enough! Nicolas had a genuine love for my dog and explained everything in detail. Thank you, thank you. X


Reviewed by: Alison on 07/11/2014

Overall rating:


“Thank you for you kindness”

My dog, Eddie was diagnosed with cancer at Medivet Flitwick in June and was sadly put to sleep this week. I am devastated at the loss of my best friend but I want to thank Medivet for their kindness, support and understanding. I trust Nick whole heartedly and he was so caring with Eddie. Jenny was also fantastic and showed us such kindness at an awful time. Thank you so much, with love from Mr and Mrs Fisher x


Reviewed by: Joss on 11/07/2014

Overall rating:


“Meeting the new Vets”

Always difficult after being with the same Vet for over 35 years, but we are very pleased to have Nick and Teresa looking after our latest, young Labrador.


Reviewed by: Amie on 13/05/2014

Overall rating:


“Have changed vets and would not recommend!!”

Receptionist no help and very rude. Seems like they have no care for the animals just want to make money. Would not recommend to anyone with animals


We take our responsibility to animal welfare very seriously and are committed to the well-being of our patients. We will never allow a patient to suffer, even if an owner cannot afford treatment, but unfortunately and regrettably this does not mean that we are in a position to carry out expensive surgical procedures if the owner cannot afford the costs. We also try to arrange for referral to Welfare organisations when owners cannot afford private care, but sadly this is not always possible and can be very frustrating both for our clients and us.


Reviewed by: Pamela on 01/04/2014

Overall rating:


“Life Savers!”

My children and i are very grateful for the expertise and compassion shown by these vets and all other staff towards our rabbit. He was extremely poorly but got first class care and has now made a full recovery!

It is obvious to see that all staff genuinely care about the animals they treat. Everything was explained clearly, and even when the surgery was very busy our appointments were always thorough and never rushed. The care our pet received was superb and i would certainly recommend this vets.


Reviewed by: debbie on 21/03/2014

Overall rating:


“profit before animals”

I'm sorry but since Mr Wakely has not been at the vets practice and they have brought in various different vets from elsewhere we have not had the same service and want to change practices. Our dog is 11 years old now and Mr Wakely said his teeth and gums were excellent every year so when we brought him in for his vaccinations in 2013 and were told straight away that his teeth were bad and if we didn't buy a certain toothbrush or paste that next year he would need an operation we were not happy, We do not believe a dogs teeth and gums can go downhill so bad in only a year when nothing has changed diet etc and he was perfectly healthy before.


Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. We are sorry that we failed to properly communicate adequately the reason for our recommendations. Animal care and welfare is at the forefront of everything we do and we aim to treat every pet as if they were our own. Dental disease is one of the most commonly undiagnosed conditions in older animals and we feel it is our duty of care to preserve pet's teeth and promote good oral hygiene.

Unfortunately we have seen many animals require multiply extractions, when early intervention involving simply daily brushing could have been all that was required to preserve healthy teeth and gums. Dental disease is a progressive condition and one that can show signs at any time. As pets get older we would, in an ideal situation, check them more regularly so we can pick up signs of any disease sooner rather than later. As vets usually only get to see pets once a year at an annual health check, it is important to raise issues that could develop over the next 12 months, so when they next visit it is not too late to do something proactive. All of our recommendations come from the British Veterinary Dental Association and we welcome you to contact the surgery again, so we may be able to resolve any unanswered questions you may have.


Reviewed by: Jocelyn on 22/11/2013

Overall rating:


“ Always the extra mile”


Reviewed by: Sian on 17/07/2013

Overall rating:


“A true proffessional”

We have been bringing our dogs to see Mr. Wakely for the last 20 year......he has rescued them, healed them, and sadly put some to rest over the years.

He has shown wisdom and compassion, and we have grown to respect his opinion, and trust him completely.

Sometimes we see other partners in the practice, and can guarantee that same level of care.

The staff are always understanding, and appreciate just how precious our pets are to us.

And Mr. Wakely always says it as it is!

And yes....they DO care more about the pet than the profit.

May the practice continue to be blessed, and be a blessing to all .


Reviewed by: K Griffith on 01/06/2013

Overall rating:


“My best friend”

Thank you so much for seeing Alfie today. I turned up today just as you were closing thinking he was in heart failure . Turns out its possibly another condition cavaliers are known for. All I know is tonight I have my dog back! You all showed compassion not only to Alfie but to me. Thank you for everything and to all staff . So sorry for keeping you behind on a weekend.


Reviewed by: tallula on 22/06/2012

Overall rating:



I changed from [another local vet] to this vet as I did not feel the vets really listened to me there.
Im so glad I did, they really listen and the young woman we saw was so friendly and chatty and genuinely interested in my cats. The older vet was great too, he recommended not bothering with vaccinations or blood tests (my cat is on metacam) for my 20 yr old grumpy cat. Common sense at last! I always thought it wasnt worth the stress for her at her age but did what the previous vet recommended. But its great to have an understanding vet now, my poor old cat used to have blood tests every 6 months and obviously her vaccinations, but shes so angry she needed to be sedated for this, just a relief not to put her through it anymore. I do feel the vets here care more about the animals than the money.


Reviewed by: Mr Abbott on 02/03/2012

Overall rating:


“Amazing Vet, Amazing People”

I have seen a few Vets due to my job and when I say "I" have seen I mean of course my cat.

The Vet I saw Amy was very personable and explained to me everything that I needed to know and to be honest in a way I could actually understand which was very nice I did not need to feel an idiot if I had to ask a question. She was extremely caring and seems to truly have a natural effinity for animals. Even if I have to move away again I think I will travel the extra distance to see these guys.

The Staff here again were fantastic, very warm and chatty. Answering anything I needed to know. They always had a smile on there face and just made everything so easy and relaxing.

The premises although a little dull has everything I think you could want a vets to have and the firework warning display was amazing.

Basically this place is fantastic and I will recommend this place to everyone.