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Our branches provide a dedicated local service to clients, offering a comprehensive, quality service at affordable prices.

As part of the Medivet family, your pet will have the benefit of the skills and experience of over 200 vets throughout the company.  Our staff aim to provide a welcoming and professional environment for both pet and client.

We offer both diagnostic and surgical care as well as a wealth of additional benefits to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Reviewed by: Kitty Abbott on 01/03/2016

Overall rating:


“Thank you”

I have instructed my Owner(?) to act as my amanuensis, as he is less than pleased when I walk over his computer: the reason that it incurs his displeasure is because he is practically illiterate on a computer, and if I touch something that causes a problem, he has to call his Son to correct the problem.

Firstly, both to Ana and Mark, many thanks for looking after me so well.
I am eating well and sleeping well. Muchas Gracias to the one, and Many Thanks to the other.

The 'hotel services' were commendable, and the accommodation was spacious, warm and totally acceptable. The whole experience was not quite as one would expect a holiday to be, but the warmth and kindness proffered by the charming Ladies of the Practice did much to ameliorate the situation.

Ladies, 'Thank you!'

When I arrived home last night, I was, perhaps, still a little sedated.
Thus, encouraging me to take my tablets was child's play .

This morning, somewhat recovered from my ordeal, and having reclaimed my internal territory, i.e. three-quarters of the bed, and having had a hearty breakfast at 07.00 hours, I was more alert. My gullible Owner(?),assured that administering a tablet to me (especially with the correct tool), was, in fact, child's play, and buoyed by his success the previous evening, advanced like an all-conquering hero: I soon disabused him of that!! Five times I spat out the pink tablet, and by the time he managed to get it to stay down it looked a little soggy.
Round One to me! Unfortunately he is quick to learn; the smaller tablet went right to the back. I am looking forward to the next round.

I am now going to view my external estate. No doubt it will be a little chilly, as I have been shorn of much of my fur. By Daniel Boone, perhaps?

I hope not to have another holiday with you, but were it decreed otherwise I should not choose to visit any other resort. However, I have no doubt that I shall be on visiting terms for a while, and I shall be pleased to see you.

My GUARDIANS send their best wishes to everyone at Medivet St.Ives.




Reviewed by: on 13/01/2016

Overall rating:


“Words cannot express my thanks”

For the past 8 weeks my Miniature Yorkshire Terrier POPPY has been in the caring hands of Evgeni and his team. I honestly thought we would lose her as she became so frail and disorientated. Surgery, support and carefully monitored medication has bought her back to her bouncy self and life seems somehow again normal for her and me. I so appreciate everything that Medivet St. Ives Branch has done and cannot thank you enough. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the Medivet team to anyone who has concerns about their pets. James Snell 13/1/16


Reviewed by: Sue on 19/10/2015

Overall rating:



Phoned today to book in my new 11 week old puppy to see vet for the first time. " How old is your puppy? " asked the receptionist, " 11 weeks 4 days " I replied. " Has he been Neutered? " Interesting....

Ouse Valley Vets

We appreciate you taking the time to give us this feedback. We take all feedback very seriously as it allows us to improve our service. Our aim is to always treat each pet as an individual and to do this we need to find out our patients full history.

Many owners are surprised to learn that cats and dogs can become sexually active from a very young age, therefore some veterinary professionals do offer ‘early neutering’.

By asking questions around the history of your pet before you bring them in we can then tailor our advice so it is specific to both the needs of you and your puppy during your first consultation.


Reviewed by: Elaine Gunn on 12/10/2015

Overall rating:


“Bertie the wonder dog!”

When Bertie our much loved 11year old labrador had a massive haemorrhage (luckily in the surgery and not in my son-in-law's brand new car!) the practice staff on duty were remarkable, my daughters who had to deal with Bertie (I was away for the weekend), were looked after magnificently with the staff telling them they would look after Bertie (I dont think anyone thought he would survive). To cut a long story short Bertie survived after having a stomach ulcer excised and part of the stomach wall removed. The staff were fantastic, Bertie was on Iv antibiotics, IV fluids etc etc and was always kept clean and extremely well looked after. I was even allowed in to visit Bertie twice a day, I sat in his kennel with him and saw the efficient, professional and caring way they looked after Bertie. Bertie took a while to improve and just when we were about to think he wasnt going to make it, he managed a drink of water and some food off one of the nurses fingers - indeed the nurses fed him by hand initially. Bertie gradually improved and enjoyed being taken out for walks every few hours and started to eat and drink. After 7 days he was allowed home.
I cant thank and praise the whole practice from the receptionist to the senior Vet - everyone was wonderful. Thank You and Woof from Bertie who is now back to his usual happy self.


Reviewed by: jane on 02/06/2015

Overall rating:


“dog weight loss support”

My dog milly has over the years been too overweight. She is very greedy, she's constantly looking for food and will steal food whenever she can.
After getting milly weighed and listening to the advise of the nurse , I changed her meal plan and food.
The support I received was brilliant, it's the owner that needs the training and understanding.
Milly has gone down from 22nd to 18kg.
I could not of achieved this without the nurses support.
Milly is even more bouncy.


Reviewed by: MS on 05/02/2015

Overall rating:


“Great Practice - Fantastic Personal Care”

Would highly recommend all dog owners in the area to use this service.

None of the negative reviews on here are backed up by anything, which should speak volumes! OuseValley provide personal care with understanding staff that you can trust.



Reviewed by: Tracey Marshall (Charlie's Mum) on 05/08/2014

Overall rating:


“Exceptional - Fully recommended”

My Black Labrador, Charlie, has been under the care of Ouse Valley vets since he was 8 weeks old, initially at Brampton, and now predominantly St Ives. I have always found the staff (at both surgeries) extremely friendly, caring and professional; and from the very first visit (a positive experience - involving an injection and afterwards a biscuit) Charlie has always been happy to visit.

With absolutely no warning, my poor boy suffered a spontaneous collapsed lung in May 14, and the situation quickly turned from a fairly routine trip to the vet to see what was wrong to an emergency / life threatening situation. Shortly after I left him at the surgery (expecting to collect him later after x-rays) the vet called me and informed me that Charlie had deteriorated quickly, emergency surgery was his only chance, and I should prepare for the worst. I cannot begin to describe my feelings at that point.

Charlie underwent emergency surgery, and remained in theatre under anaesthetic most of that day. I understand that pretty much all the staff at the surgery were involved at one point or another - this was a real team effort with the staff supporting each other (and hence giving Charlie the best care) throughout the day.

Thanks to the skill, care and dedication of the staff, Charlie survived surgery. The vets found the problem, removed part of one of his lungs, and stapled him back up. Incredibly, his speed of recovery meant that he was allowed home 2 days later, and 3 months on Charlie is thriving - and very nearly back up to full Labrador speed.

Throughout that entire traumatic period, the staff were amazing. The vet kept me fully informed about the situation: initially being open and honest about Charlie's chance of survival; and then keeping me up to speed throughout the day. And I really appreciated the cup of tea made for me when I returned to the surgery that afternoon! Latterly, whenever he goes in for a check up the staff all want to make a fuss of him.

I cannot speak highly enough about this amazing team of people.
Even after everything he has been through, I think it speaks volumes that Charlie still loves going to the vets, wagging his tail both on his way in and out. If the surgery is good enough for my boy, then it gets my full recommendation.



Reviewed by: Joanna on 22/07/2014

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Reviewed by: Mrs W on 05/06/2014

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I have recently needed urgent help after my dog was hit by a car, the female veterinary surgeon and nurse were absolutely fantastic. They put my mind at ease straight away with thorough assessment and injury treatment combined with a very caring and compassionate manner. Exactly what you need in a crisis! Can't thank them enough.


Reviewed by: costello on 13/03/2014

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