Medivet Woodstock 24 Hour Hospital

Tel: 01993 811 355

62 Hensington Road,
Oxfordshire OX20 1JL



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Just like our branches, the Medivet Woodstock 24 Hour Hospital provides a dedicated local service to clients, offering a comprehensive, quality service at affordable prices.

In addition it is staffed 24hours every day, providing a round the clock service for hospitalised inpatients and consultations for new cases, both routine and emergency. It also acts as a referral centre for other local Medivet branches.

As a part of the Medivet family, your pet will have the benefit of the skills and experience of over 200 vets throughout the company. Our staff aim to provide a welcoming and professional environment for both pet and client.

We offer both diagnostic and surgical care as well as a wealth of additional benefits to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Fiona on 05/12/2015

Overall rating:


“Hodge- ”

I named my cat Hodge after Dr Johnson's cat and he was a "very fine cat indeed". Hodge lived to the great age of 18 and a half due to the skill and dedication of the staff at medivet in Woodstock. I would particularly like to thank the wonderful Alba for all her research into feline heart complaints and her dedication to keeping Hodge enjoying life which he certainly did.
I would also like to thank the wonderful Sally in the cattery for being willing to look after him despite all the medication and Ashleigh for dealing with all the paperwork so patiently. When the end became inevitable the staff made the process of letting him go as painless as possible for him and for me.
I am very grateful they all went so far above and beyond.
Thank you


Reviewed by: Tracey MS on 17/11/2015

Overall rating:


“Excellent friendly team”

I cannot express enough how Dimitar and his team have helped us over the last year. We sadly lost our dog last year but Dimitar and his team went over and above their duty to try and save her. We now have a new boxer baby and they have been on hand as a constant reassurance ( I am now always worrying about the new dog) as well as ensuring she is 100%. All of my friends who have dogs say the same about Medivet Woodstock.


Reviewed by: Paul M on 08/11/2015

Overall rating:


“Excellent care”

I used the 24hr emergency service at woodstock, saturday evening, when my usual vet was closed.
Very efficient, friendly, professional service provided on the phone, and at the premises, where parking is easy.
Next day at home, my puppy is now clearly recovering from her illness.
I was also given important advice about her snail eating habit.

I will certainly call here again if "Molly" gets ill out of hours again.


Reviewed by: Oxford Dog Owner on 30/12/2013

Overall rating:


“Excellent Care”

My dog got hit by a car. Immediately afterwards the staff were calm and helpful on the phone. I took the dog in and they gave her a thorough check over, and kept her in overnight for pain relief and to watch out for complications. The vets and nurses were superb, calm and professional. It was good to know that she was getting the best possible professional care, as well as clearly getting TLC from the nurses even though she is not the easiest dog.