Forest Veterinary Centre - Epping Surgery

Tel: 01992 575790

Hemnell Street
Essex CM16 4LQ

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Practice Details

"The best care for your pet - ensuring your peace of mind"

  • Comprehensive first opinion service for local people
  • We accept referrals from other veterinary surgeons
  • Laparoscopy spay and procedures available (key hole surgery)
  • 24 hour emergency service run by our own team of vets and nurses
  • We are the main vet for the Woodford Bridge Centre Guide Dogs 

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Average rating: 5.0
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Michelle on 12/05/2016

Overall rating:


“The Very Best Professionals and Care Service”

My 9 month old GSD required major leg surgery due to a growth abnormality. Glenn performed the operation and the girls nursed him through a very difficult few days
I found Glenn to be most helpful throughout this stressful time. Explaining the details of the procedure and future outcome with the use of Scans and X Rays. Additionally, he kept us updated regularly whilst he was hospitalised and on hand to help with any problems or questions as they arose.
Given the seriousness of the operation and the 16 week recovery time, he was in very little pain. He is now almost fully recovered and shows no sign of lameness. We have Glenn and the team to thank for all their skill in giving him back his leg and life!!!.. Thank you!


Reviewed by: Fred on 26/04/2016

Overall rating:


“Veterinary Care and Equipment second to none”

Although some reviews have not given full marks for value for money because I assume they regard the prices as higher than at some veterinary practices, I'd like to point out the state of the art equipment and facilities at Forest which are second to none. When our cat Smartie had her second stroke 2 years ago her life was saved because she was able to spend the night in an oxygen tent at the Hemnal Street clinic where there is always a nurse in attendance 24 hours a day. She also had a heart scan and once again the equipment was there to do that. Many years ago we took in a stray cat on a Saturday evening that had been found by a neighbour in the most dreadful condition. When we called Forest a vet met us there within ten minutes. The cat ended up being hospitalised on a drip for almost a week but came home to live with us a cured and well cat. The only thing I would improve/suggest is separate waiting areas for cats and dogs which I understand has been implemented at Eastwick.


Reviewed by: John H on 25/04/2016

Overall rating:



Reviewed by: Gary. on 22/03/2016

Overall rating:


“Max & Gary.”

We were referred by our local Vets in Melbourn Cambridgeshire to Forest Veterinary Centre for specialist consultation and subsequent procedure for our Dog Benji.

Glen and all the Forest team were friendly, informative and very professional.

Glad to say Benji is now on his way to a good recovery.

Thanks again for all your help and support.


Reviewed by: Lucy & Karl on 25/01/2016

Overall rating:


“Spinal Surgery - Louis the French Bulldog”

There are not enough words to explain our gratitude for the support and care we received from everyone at Forest Vets.

Our French bulldog, Louis was in over Christmas with a slipped disc, requiring emergency surgery on his spine. Glenn carried out his operation. We absolutely knew he was in safe hands despite the high risks involved. Glenn kept us up to date pre & post operation of his progress. Since the operation Louis has come along in leaps and bounds and his back to his cheeky chappy self. Glenn and his supporting staff saved our Louis and we are so grateful. Your surgeons, nurses, reception staff are all a credit to Forest Vets. I would and have recommended you to all family and friends.

Thank you all so much again, Lucy, Karl & Louis


Reviewed by: Eunice & Ron waller on 26/09/2014

Overall rating:



To Glenn and the team that cared for Rollo.

Thank you so much for the care you gave to Rollo in his last days. It was much appreciated and we knew he was in good hands.

He was much loved and will be sorely missed.

We started out at this surgery when it was Mr Bracegirdle (how many moons ago was that!) and have been with this excellent surgery ever since.


Reviewed by: Amanda on 17/07/2014

Overall rating:


“Excellent service ”

Would just like to say a Big thank you to the vets, nurses and reception lady at Epping vets today 17/7/14 for seeing my puppy and putting my mind at rest that everything was ok. A fantastic vets really care for the animals not just the money . Thank you


Reviewed by: lana's Mum on 27/05/2014

Overall rating:


“reception staff”

The vets themselves are brilliant as are the nurses. However the same can't be said for the receptionists, in particular the ones that were on duty on Tuesday 27th May, they have no idea of customer service they would rather answer the phone than deal with the waiting people at the reception desk and still answer the phone even when they are serving you. Don't say please, thankyou or even goodbye. All i can say is try and go when Carole is working she is a credit to the reception desk.

My scores are bases on the vets and nurses.

Deborah White RVN - Forest Veterinary Centre
Practice Manager

Dear Lana's Mum

Thank you for your positive comments regarding our surgery, but I am obviously concerned that you did not get the level of customer care from our reception team this morning. A veterinary reception job is incredibly demanding, juggling clients, telephone calls, patients needs and their appointments as well as requests from the vets and nurses. This was a Tuesday morning after the bank holiday with 2 receptionists on duty, there would normally be a third person as back up in the office but unfortunately at this time due to unforeseen circumstances we were short of staff so that person was not available.
I would like to apologise that you felt there was a lack of customer service on this particular morning and assure you that at Forest Veterinary Centre we always strive for the best care at all levels. Should you wish to discuss this in person with me please feel free to contact me on 01992 575790 or email me in confidence at

Thank you


Reviewed by: theresa merry on 05/02/2014

Overall rating:


“could not off been any more caring”

I would just like to say , how professional and caring forest vetanary centre at eastwick harlow was with Hamish and us when the time came to let him go . we had a home visit from them and was able to spend time with Hamish before and after he passed away . thank you for a all you done over the last few years . I highly recommend you and all your staff .


Reviewed by: Jackie on 27/01/2014

Overall rating:


“Amazingly helpful staff - who really do care”

Nearly fifteen years ago we took our two Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies aged 6 weeks old to forest veterinary in Woodford. We have always appreciated the wonderful service,advice and treatment we have received. This New Years Eve our lovely 15 year old dog Tia became very poorly and with the medical conditions she already had there was nothing more that could be done for her. At this extremely sad and upsetting time the vet and staff were so compassionate and understanding - they arranged to come to our house so we could say goodbye to our baby properly before they let her go to sleep and taking her from us.
Words could never thank all the staff enough for the way they helped us through such a heart wrenching time and for the kindness they showed us.

2 weeks ago we took our new baby Boston terrier puppy to meet the vet and staff ........