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What is Kennel Cough?

As a boarding kennel owner and a vet, I am often asked about this illness. From my point of view it has an unfortunate name, which implies that it only occurs in kennels. In fact an outbreak can occur in any area, and because it spreads rapidly, sooner or later an infected dog is bound to enter the kennels. Outbreaks are more common in the summer months, but there have been several cases in my area recently. Perhaps the mild autumn we have had has provided the right conditions for spread.

Kennel Cough is a contagious illness of dogs, the main symptom of which is coughing. It should correctly be called Infectious Canine Bronchitis, or Infectious Canine Tracheobronchitis, but it is often known as Kennel Cough because of the fact that it spreads most readily when dogs are in close contact with each other. As well as in kennels, this would also occur at dog shows, training classes, veterinary surgeries, grooming parlours and many popular exercise places eg parks, beaches etc.

The infection is spread by air-borne droplets, like colds and flu in humans. Another similarity with flu in humans is that there are many different strains of infection, making it difficult to prevent entirely by vaccination.

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In praise of the Guinea Pig

I love Guinea Pigs, I think they are fabulous little creatures, friendly, full of character and very easy to keep……..Guinea Pigs make great pets but are particularly good for children. They are easy to handle and calm when held, in contrast to rabbits, who although very cute to look at, can cause nasty scratches if they wriggle in your arms. They are easy to tame and rarely bite, unlike hamsters, who can nip if they are disturbed and are not used to being handled. Guinea Pigs are also great pets to do things for

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Epulis: a gum problem seen mainly in boxers.

My own two dogs are boxers, Tilly aged 1 year and Martha aged nearly 11…… All breeds have certain conditions to which they are pre-disposed, that is, more likely to suffer from than their friends of other breeds. One such condition in boxers is epulis, a lumpy overgrowth of gum tissue. Other breeds can get epulis, but not as commonly as in boxers.

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