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It may be getting cold outside, but it’s always flea season at home…

I see it almost every day, and constantly warn my clients about it, yet somehow even I wasn’t expecting it – yes, last week my very own cat came home with fleas. ‘How could this happen to me?’ I said, ‘I’m the vet!’ Well, the answer is very simple. I, like many of us, forgot to apply my cat’s flea preventative for the past few months. The weather was getting colder and she wasn’t going out as much, and with everything else going on the monthly treatment just slipped my mind. It sure was a wakeup call, however, to find the tell-tale rusty brown dirt on my cat’s favourite bed. And let’s face it, fleas are downright creepy. They eat blood and leave their faeces all over your pet, not to mention the fact that they can live in your carpets and even jump up and bite you. But at the same time, they’re pretty amazing little creatures, and successful ones at that….

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Dental problems in our pet – an entirely preventable problem!

Did you know; two thirds of dogs and cats over the age of 3 years old will have some dental problems
to some degree? It is an astonishing statistic and the numbers only get higher as the animals get older.
However, the good news is that with some simple home care techniques and veterinary treatment the
damage can be reversed or even prevented from happening in the first place.

Dental problems in pets will vary in severity from a mild plaque and tartar staining to marked tartar
build-up, gingivitis, bacterial infections, rotten tooth roots. Not only are these unsightly and a prime
cause of ‘doggy breath’ they are also very painful and can be damaging to the body

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