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A vet in Delhi – day 6: a selection of photos

I’ve been busy this evening working through my survey results so that I can give a presentation to ASHA about them tomorrow, so I have not had time to write a blog. But to give a sense of the past day here, I’ve put together a selection of photos. The captions should be enough to tell their stories….

01-DELHI 828

Local children interacting with a street dog. Excitable, uncontrolled close contact like this carries a high risk of dog bites. Education of the children in dog-human interactions could reduce incidence of dog bites.

02-DELHI 826

This street dog seemed friendly, but he has a track record of biting children such as the girl pictured below

03-DELHI 825

This girl was bitten on her right forearm a few months ago

04-DELHI 824

The scar is hard to see now but at the time she needed hospital treatment with post rabies exposure vaccinations

08-DELHI 787

This pup is being comforted by his mother after a frightening incident that I witnessed

09-DELHI 784

The pup had been barking ferociously at a local goat

10-DELHI 783

The goat was not impressed, giving a demonstration of punishment by butting

27-DELHI 646

ASHA works in the community, spreading information via a network of women from all over the area who come to the ASHA centre regularly to meet up and share knowledge

30-DELHI 610

The last questionnaires were done today, and the rabies/ street dog survey is now being analysed

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