All Pets Vet Care

The Old Docks Office
Sybil Way
Milford Marina
Milford Haven
SA73 3AA


Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 13-01-2012 - Wanda & Woody

Billa and her team work very hard to ensure their customers, our pets, are happy and healthy. Our dog absolutely loves going there, she knows she will get treats and lots of fuss!!! Our cats also enjoy their occasional trips, even our very highly strung rescue cat, JJ. The staff are a pleasure to deal with and the atmosphere relaxed and inviting. They have the most up to date equipment and skills! Thank you for looking after our furry ratbags and us!!!!

5 Stars - 04-01-2012 - SusieK

Our 2 dogs have been registered with All Pets Vet Care since it opened. Fred the frantic Jack Russell, always gets treated with great patience and affection. Toby our phlegmatic greyhound/whippet cross has been very ill with pancreatitis since Boxing Day. Today he lost the fight despite the heroic efforts of Billa, Lynne and all the staff. I cant believe the amount of affectionate and technically up to date care they have given to Toby and involved us at every turn. No one could have tried harder to pull him through. Everything about this practice is first class and I would reccommend anyone who loves their pets to register there. Most of us want the very best for our pets and I feel I have given that to mine by trusting them to Billa\'s wonderful care.