Goddard Veterinary Group - Highbury

87 Grosvenor Avenue
N5 2NL


  • Accredited under the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Practice Standards Scheme
  • Complete healthcare for pets including vaccination, neutering, parasite control, dietary advice and weight management
  • Comprehensive surgical facilities and fully equipped operating theatre including radiology
  • Renowned referral services offered within the group for more complex cases
  • Free pre vaccination consultations and health checks for registered pets at six and nine months of age
  • Complimentary nurse consultations offered for advice and general pet care
  • 24 hour care is provided 365 days a year by Wanstead Veterinary Hospital

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 19-04-2016 - Augusta, Viscountess St Davids

My Chow recently underwent emergency surgery that was compounded by 3 other local vets who failed him as regards competence (at an inordinate expense too).. In the midst of this ordeal, I discovered Louise Riches at the Highbury branch of Goddard's and her kind, vocational, honest, thorough, expert approach once again restored my faith in the London veterinary community.

5 Stars - 17-02-2016 - Josh

My puppy - and imperial Shih-Tzu, was only home with us for 24 hours until we noticed he had a very sore eye. We phoned the vets, hadn't even registered with them vet, and they were so helpful and friendly, explained everything from his poorly eye, to everything we need to know about our new puppy. They gave us an emergency appointment the next day at a time that was great for us. Our puppy had to be rushed to to a specialist care unit for eyes in Cambridge. The vets were AMAZING. They got everything organised, kept us calm and were always on call to answer our questions. We went to the hospital which they referred us too and it was like a 5* Hotel for dogs! Was in a beautiful setting and the staff their were just incredible. The vets in Highbury already know us by our names, and they give so much love to our puppy. I wouldn't even dream about moving to another vet practice. They are the most professional and friendly staff, especially Louise who is EXTREMELY knowledgable and professional with her work. She firm and to the point and puts me at ease with any concerns I have, just brilliant. Thank you Highbury vets!

4.6 Stars - 30-11-2015 - Pam

Both the practice nurse and Louise, the veterinarian, are a great comfort when problems arise. The nurse found my cat, who needed prescription food, on her records even though I hadn't been there for some years, and she was able to provide it on the spot just before going on my holiday. Louise gave superb advice during an emergency with my other cat who I ended up taking to the RSPCA hospital in Seven Sisters Road due to the high cost of the surgery he needed had Goddards carried it out. For all who can afford private care, I can't recommend the Highbury branch highly enough. It is extremely reassuring and thoroughly professional at all times. And, if you can't, they are still there, ready to help, to refer you to someone who can, like the RSPCA or Blue Cross. The same applies to recommending cat sitters and carers!

4.8 Stars - 18-07-2015 - Pam

Visited today to request help on finding catteries, cat sitters for a sudden plan to go away in mid-summer. Lauren was incredibly helpful, and pulled out her file of appropriate places, peoples, even though I hadn't been a visitor to the clinic with my two cats for more than 8 years. (Having retired, on a small state pension, we later became eligible for free vet care at our local RSPCA.) In addition, she gave extremely helpful and knowledgeable advice about the vaccinations catteries might require, and about the food one of my cats might need, who has suffered from FLUTD in the past. All this while there was a big queue, which she also handled so efficiently and caringly! THANKS, Lauren! Pam

5 Stars - 08-05-2015 - AB

I recently got a chihuahua and is my first puppy! I went to the Goddard vet to get her first set of vaccinations done. The staff were incredibly informative and helpful. They gave me a whole load of information and help on my first pup. Everyone is very helpful, and my pup did not feel uncomfortable whilst being treated. Definitely recommended!

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