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  • No appointment necessary 
  • 24 hour emergency cover from the same vets you see during the day.
  • Friendly professional service.
  • Caring for pets in the Macclesfield, Poynton, Bollington, Bramhall, Cheadle, Wilmslow, Stockport, Hyde and Denton areas since 1966.
  • Providing the highest quality care at affordable prices.
  • Free puppy and kitten checks which include 4 weeks insurance and puppy/kitten pack.

Clinic reviews

1.8 Stars - 04-08-2016 - bernadette

The Receptionist lacked tact in a delicate situation, i in all innocence brought my cat to have better treatment for fleas, that had become problematic,has my daughter and i were treating them with shop brought products, i had phoned up the main clinic for advice and costs, i was told to call with my cat, i attended the woodley clinic,at around 4pm.I had to get a taxi because it was a distance from where i live, but i didn't mind paying this for a good vet,i was told it would cost £50 we decided might as well have Skippa micro chipped which we had planned for a while, so costing was £65 my daughter offered to go half with me. i went to the receptionist. she asked if he had been before, i said i think so, sometime ago,she asked for my name,i had reverted back to my maiden name she couldn't find anything, she asked for my postcode,she found records of an animal called smudge? i said i hadn't ever had a cat of this name, i mentioned i had once a dog called Balou, that sadly was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer,and given three days to live, she then said got an amount of £40 says its been written off, but cant treat your cat till its been paid,i couldn't believe what she was saying?it was in 2009?over 7 years ago,i said i am not paying this i remembered paying it,and plus i had not received anything to remind me that i owed this, she showed no concern for the distress of my Cat i had now brought in for treatment, anyone who is a cat lover knows how distressing vets are the whole procedure getting them there etc,plus getting the taxi, i was left in an absolute quandary on what to do, i asked to speak to the owner but he basically said the lady i was speaking to was the longest serving staff and would know info from that far back, i said why hadnt i received letters,he said he would have expected something from me/ but how could i if i thought it had all been paid from the past, what was also strange was that she hadn't even had on record that he had past away?It was such a shock to hear that Balou had testicular cancer, and only had around three days to live, she offered him some drugs to keep him going a little while longer but i would need to make arrangements soon for him to be put to sleep, we spent three days with him, he was weary, but still loved his walks around New Mills,he took a turn i phoned to arrange the vet to come out previously to put him to sleep,but he suddenly went worse he seemed to have lost his sight, i phoned the vets,the lady i spoke to told me he was going and i needed to keep him peaceful and quiet.he went that night, i was really surprised when the receptionist said she had no record of his death.As i was given the details for cremation from the vets?Ok so I owed money from 7 yrs ago?still not sure i do but it has been paid and i will try to check back on my records, she totally ignored my situation,she rudely interrupted a private conversation with my daughter,after paying all treatment i asked her if i could use the phone, she rudely said why dont you use your mobile i said i have no credit,i paid her a £1.00 she said its to much, i gave her 50p she said she would put in the Charity Box. The Vet i saw was lovely Thankfully But plz send your Receptionist on Customer Management course because her manner is bad before you lose more customers because i am never coming back again.

Vet Response

Thank you for your candour and feedback and also settling the overdue account. We have a very firm policy with debt management. Our normal terms of business are settlement at the time of consultation. In the event that people are having difficulty paying we do, on occasion agree payment plans. Any debts which fall outside of an agreed payment plan, then fall into a rigid process which informs the debtor by post and will not be varied without full settlement of the account or proof of incorrect data entry such as a bank statement or card receipt. On the very rare occasions that data entry is the cause of dispute this would normally be resolved amicably shortly after the first invoice is issued. We shall review the events with the receptionist at Woodley, but will also consider that she is extremely busy with the very high numbers of regular happy clients who already have a long wait because of numbers. Thank you,

5 Stars - 14-06-2016 - Melly

My Cookie has been treated very well by staff and nurses. She was seen straight away after chewing the tablets of Ibrufoden and staff has done the amazing job in a professional manner. I am very grateful for their help and am happy to have Cookie back home after 24 hours. I recommend Hunts Vet for their professionism and friendly service.

5 Stars - 15-01-2016 - Ruth Skelton

I moved my Great Dane puppy to this practice when he was six months old. My previous vet wanted to give him an anaesthetic to get a close look at his eyes and I wanted to avoid an anaesthetic on such a young puppy if possible. Stanley walked into David's practice and was immediately at home! David had no problem in checking him out and advising us on the best course of action- which was do nothing, the 'problem' was just cosmetic. And he was right- Stanley's eyes were never a problem. Over the years David and his team gave the best care and advice imaginable. Stanley , a giant 14 stone, always loved visiting the practice and David continued to provide the best possible care with ease and good humour. And always excellent value for money- care comes first here.Sadly we had to say goodbye to our darling boy last week,and as ever David showed understanding and compassion. I would have no hesitation in recommending David and his team.

5 Stars - 14-01-2016 - Isi

After years of searching for vets that listen..... With great nurses too

4.6 Stars - 10-10-2015 - Paul Lambert

I would like to say a massive "thank you" to Charlie and her team for taking marvellous care of our Lucy last weekend. She went in last Friday a very poorly (12 years old!) little girl. Through totally professional and loving care, she has made a remarkable recovery. I'm delighted to say that she is back to her old self now, I cannot thank you enough. Best wishes Paul Lambert x

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