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As a part of the Medivet family, your pet will have the benefit of the skills and experience of over 200 vets throughout the company. Our staff aim to provide a welcoming and professional environment for both pet and client.

We offer both diagnostic and surgical care as well as a wealth of additional benefits to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Clinic reviews

1.6 Stars - 10-08-2016 - SW

We’ve never left reviews before, but feel the need to do so… Our bison is 13 years old and up until a few months ago, been in reasonably good health. Our dog had been panting heavily over a few weeks (which we thought was caused by the warm weather), but decided to take him to Medivets to check. Upon examination, he’s heart murmur had progressed and he had fluid on the lungs, which he was given an injection to help shift this. We were told that we needed to make a decision by that evening, regarding he’s health (euthanize or medication), so we paid for their services and left shocked and upset. Our dog thankfully showed an improvement by late evening, so we went with the medication option. We paid the price of Medivets medication (as we’ve always done), but were told they’d price match if we found cheaper online and if this was the case, print off the proof and hand it in at reception. We were extremely shocked that Medivet, was 3 times the amount of its competitors, so obviously printed the proof and handed it in as they suggested, as this medication is for life. Medivets wouldn’t price match as they suggested and they also changed the costs to one of the medications, because they couldn’t find it online at that price (yet we provided the proof as they’d asked, so Medivets- “why not just change all the evidence of quotes, as its pointless giving you any proof in the first place”). Medivets also wouldn’t give the same quantity of one of the medications either… the “Head Nurse” states “they couldn’t give the 500 tablets (as in the quote), as this was a year’s worth of medication and they wouldn’t give an animal more than 6 months of any medication, as they need to be checked”… I fully understood this, but told Head Nurse “you’ve given just 168 tablets, which is 3 months’ worth”? The Head Nurse said “Well we’d need to charge you more for 6 months”… I replied “But the quote online was for 500 and Medivets said you’d price match, so surely you should then give at least the maximum amount for 6 months then? NO she said! My online quote was £46.85, I’ve just paid Medivets £72.97 (which is better than their previous extortionate costs), this did included 3 prescription’s, for the 3 different medications, but if I paid 3 times the amount for their original costs, then any prescription costs would be waved! When mentioning this to the Head Nurse, she said “we are a business and we don’t hold much stock”!!! Yes Medivets, you are certainly a business and one that is clearly about profit, over the health of a dog and I also don’t know why you bother mentioning that you price match, because you clearly do NOT!!! Pet-ploitation!!!!

Vet Response

Thank you for taking the time to review us. We want our clients and their pets to be treated like family members and are sorry that you didn't experience this. Due to legal requirements with all prescription medication, we are unable to prescribe an animal with more than 6 months of any medication (as they need to be checked) so we are sorry that we were unable to supply you with the quantity you wanted. We always endeavour to communicate our fees and price match information clearly beforehand and are sorry if you feel this wasn't the case. We would welcome the opportunity to talk through exactly what happened to you with the practice, and hope that this will clear up any misunderstandings. Our clients' feedback is really important to us as it allows us to continually grow and improve our level of service.

5 Stars - 18-07-2016 -

They were very good from the moment my cat Charlie was diagnosed with cancer to the treatment and sending him to the VRCC for chemo to the time when I had to have him put to sleep. It was done with care and dignity. Both Lizze and Agnieszka were caring of not just Charlie but my Husband and myself at a very difficult time. I would recommend this practice to anyone and if some day I acquire a new cat will definitely use them again

4 Stars - 09-06-2016 - Michelle

I have just been to this vets for the first time to have my daughters lovely hamster put to sleep and after I was charged £45! I was so shocked at how much this cost me they should be ashamed of themselves! The last hamster I had put to sleep only charged me £7 I will not be going back there again!

Vet Response

We are very sorry to hear about your daughters hamster. It is always very difficult to say goodbye to a pet as they are members of our family. We always treat you and your pets with kindness and compassion and we are very sorry to hear you were not satisfied with the service we provided you, we do always try to discuss cost prior to any treatment provided. We would be happy to discuss this further in person in the branch.

5 Stars - 09-04-2016 - S ingram

They quickly idetified that somehow my dog had managed to eat a sharp piece of metal (pin, nail, needle or similar). They literally used all of their resources and expert knowledge, which resulted in two operations - 1 at Canvey and then after a CT scan another operation at Medivet Hendon. Lizzie and all of the vets at both practices kept us informed at all times and we had every confidence in their work. An object was removed from close to my dogs Liver after it had left through the side of his stomach! The care that BOB received was amazing and I believe a total success story for Medivet. Without them it would have been a different story entirely I'm sure. Regular updates were given by the Vets and also from their support nurses, a fantastic team all round. Thankyou So Much

5 Stars - 26-11-2015 - Chanelle newell

My bearded dragon of 5 years old bubbles had became poorly. For a week i rung so many different vets, wickford/orsett/upminster ect all that told me id have to pay a minimum of £50 for a consultation, then xrays/blood samples, ect all are added prices as well as paying for threatment also, even when explaining i was struggling at the moment none showed me an ounce of compassion. I found medivet which had the cheapeast prices. They got my baby in the next day, they gave her xrays which showed she had a tumour..obviously i was absolutely devestated as it was non treatable. They advised she was put to sleep, for her sake i went with that although heartbroken. I sat in the waiting room sobbing, they brought me tissues, they offered me a drink, then they brought me my sleeping bubbles, in a very sweet box to bury her in. I looked inside and she looked peaceful, out of pain, they had wrapped her neatly up in towel paper and left her head out on show, showed me how caring these staff are..they wasnt to know i would open the box and she was placed so neatly inside. The subject is still sore, i feel like ive lost a big part of my home, my daughter is broken too..but we have buried bubbles under out blossom tree, each year when it blossoms were think of her. Im writing this as i see a previous review stating the vet just want money..after me trying to find the cheapest but high standard vets i gave up..medivets could of told me my dragon needed stool samples/blood samples/ xrays medication and a new appointment ect..all i was prepared to pay to help her,they didnt. They was honest, caring & compassionate. They charged me 21 consultation, 10 for a xray. I gave them £40 and said keep the change for a donation even then the staff member said oh no are you sure! ..they 100% could of had 100s from me that day. So to round this up ..sad loss for me but id 100% return to this vet if any of my other animals were ill. 100% perfect.

5 Stars - 05-10-2015 - Suzanne

took my bitch in today to be spayed and they staff were great and they looked after my girl brilliantly will always trust the girls there to always do what's best for the animals to the highest standards :) xx

5 Stars - 23-09-2015 - Lizzy King

Just wanted to say you have put my mind at rest when we brought our new addition Herbie to see you today, Yes he has been a bit naught since we got him last Thursday but felt a lot better after speaking to you and getting your advice. So pleased we have taken up with the health Pet Plan too for Molly and Herbie Carole,x

5 Stars - 02-06-2015 - Angela Killick

Apart from a budgie at the age of 5 and several chickens later on in life - My Westie -' Jock ' was and has been my only pet. I say pet - more like best friend - companion - and basically my special boy.So after a short illness in May - quickly diagnosed by Lizzie - I find myself without him now. He never suffered for which Im glad - he was a tough little cookie. But - the way his illness was discovered -and the way Lizzie relayed and explained it to me has made the whole awful experience - bearable. She is a credit to her profession - as are the all the girls who assist her at the practice. His last few moments on this earth were dignified and calm. Lizzie spoke in such a gentle soft voice which I will never forget. Thank you with all my heart in all you have done for him - you are worth your weight in gold. xx

4.8 Stars - 07-12-2014 - jan

I would like to thank the vets and all the nursing staff at medivet for their commitment and dedication when dealing with my many pets, they have gone above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions, cannot fault them, would never use any other vets.

1.8 Stars - 21-11-2014 - Pete

My puppy was taken here by a friend of mine as I was at work. I spoke to the vet and she said my options were.... 1, Leave her overnight for treatment, but no guarantee she would be OK. 2, Take her home with some medication. She might see the night out. I decided to leave her overnight for treatment. 5 minutes later I get left a voice mail saying that I need to ring back to pay a deposit before treatment could be started. I was unable to Pay a deposit until I got home in about 2 hours time. The poor thing was obviously very unwell and in discomfort, so rather than her having to be like this for another 2 hours I made a decision for her to be put to sleep. This vet was only worried about the money and had no regard for the welfare of the pup.

Vet Response

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review, and discussing this matter with us. At Medivet we always strive to treat all pets as if they are our own. When deciding how to progress with a pets' course of treatment there are many factors we have to consider. We would just like to stress again how sorry we are that your puppy had to be put to sleep, whilst we always make a recommendation about a pets' course of treatment, we will always leave the final decision to the owner. Our clients' feedback is really important to us as it allows us to continually grow and improve our level of service.
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