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Clinic reviews

1.4 Stars - 15-07-2016 - Pauline

5 Stars - 26-11-2015 - Rob & Jannine Waters

We are so grateful to the Team at Medivet Flitwick, for saving the life of our beloved Dog Gemma. Given the unexpected severity of the situation and our Dogs age, we literally had to make a life or death decision. Coline {the Vet on Duty at the time} was excellent considering the highly emotional situation. She made all the options clear to us and warned us of the potential pitfalls given our Dogs age and the seriousness of her condition. With all things considered we asked her to proceed with the operation, which she did without hesitation, even though the odds were stacked against us. Gemma was transferred to the Medivet Hospital in Watford. Coline kept us updated throughout and this was followed up by Magda, at the Watford hospital. The complete process was seamless and very efficient. We were also kept fully informed of the costs so we could monitor and control the situation. Following major surgery {splenectomy} Gemma was returned to us within 4 days. The family were so relieved and pleased, that not only had she recovered but was now tearing around like a crazy teenager and once again eating us out of house and home! We believe Coline's quick diagnosis and action helped to save Gemma's life. Nic {Partner and Veterinary Surgeon} as always, was great and followed up with the after care. He was also able to give us the results of the tests earlier than expected and was able to confirm that there was no sign of cancer, which was amazing considering that there was a 75% chance that it was! We would also like to thank Jenny for her help and support during the process and to the complete Team at Medivet who saved our Dogs life.

5 Stars - 09-07-2015 - Wendy

Just a few lines to thank Monsieur Caron, Teresa Burns & the team at Medivet Flitwick for their fantastic care of my cat & my neighbours cat who both recently needed emergency care. I could not have asked for better attention for either of the cats who had both suffered a traumatic event. Very impressed with both Monsieur Caron & Teresa's identification of the issues on both occasions, their willingness to explain everything fully, answer all questions & offer advice - all done with kindness, professionalism & a genuine love for animals. They also provide annual routine care for my 2 cats which is always completed professionally & with kind consideration to my nervous felines!

5 Stars - 30-04-2015 - Suzy Todd

I am lucky to have 17yr old cat who I have had for most of her life. In recent years she has suffered from bowel and sickness problems and around two years ago a vet advised that it was probably bowel cancer and that due to her age it was not worth investigating further. Her condition had been up and down since then but at the beginning of this year she seemed much worse and lost a lot of weight. I took her to Medivet seriously expecting to have her put down. However, the lovely vet, Nicholas Caron gave Rosie a thorough examination and said that it might be the feline version of IBS, which could be treatable and mean that Rosie could not only live, but have a better quality of life. After some tests and treatment I am pleased and amazed to say that Rosie has put on weight, no longer has bowel or vomiting issues and continues to rule the roost over our younger, bigger, cats! I cannot say enough how grateful I am to Nicholas for not writing Rosie off as just an old cat soon to pass like the previous vet I saw. He is a very genuine, kind and clever vet who looked after my Rosie and got her well when I though all hope was lost. I really did not think that she would still be with us now, and be so well! Thank you Nicholas!

5 Stars - 19-12-2014 - glynis s

I cannot praise highly enough the kind, caring team that work at Flitwick. We have mainly seen Teresa and she has always been professional, kind and caring particularly recently when we lost our little cat, Amber. In my opinion the animal's welfare is always at the front of any decision that is made. This filters down from the nursing staff to the reception staff. If I was a cat, I would want to be treated here.

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