Just like our branches, the Medivet Watford 24 Hour Hospital provides a dedicated local service to clients, offering a comprehensive, quality service at affordable prices.

In addition it is staffed 24hours every day, providing a round the clock service for hospitalised inpatients and consultations for new cases, both routine and emergency. It also acts as a referral centre for other local Medivet branches.

As a part of the Medivet family, your pet will have the benefit of the skills and experience of over 200 vets throughout the company. Our staff aim to provide a welcoming and professional environment for both pet and client.

We offer both diagnostic and surgical care as well as a wealth of additional benefits to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 16-11-2016 - Matty

4.8 Stars - 15-11-2016 - Jan

5 Stars - 17-10-2016 - karen

We had to rush our sick rabbit to medivet last Sunday as he was sick, we had already taken him to another vet on the Saturday, but he sent us home with some Recovery medicine for him, but Gizmo was just not interested in it. So we phoned medivet who told us to come at once so they could see him, but when we arrived and they examined him, they were very straight with us, and told us they would do what they could for him, and took him from us. I knew then I would not see him again it was heartbreaking. We left in tears,a few hours later we got the call we were expecting , that he had passed away, they had tried to save him but he was just too sick. I just want to thank the staff for everything , they were kind and considerate. We received a condolence card today from them, which brought me to tears yet again, but will treasure it

5 Stars - 30-06-2016 - Michelle

My beloved Yorkshire Terrier Bonnie Passed away Monday night She was 15. I was devastated. I rang Medivet who was very helpful on the phone has I was so upset I could hardly speak. But they were very understanding and compassionate. They told me to come straight down with her. When me and my husband arrived, they came out straight away so it wasn't too stressful and they dealt with the situation respectfully. I will always use Medivet and highly recommend them to all my Family,Friends & Neighbours. Thank you all. I still have Bonnies son who is 13 who still remains under the excellent team at Medivet.

5 Stars - 11-06-2016 - Jan

This was my first experience with MediVet visiting with Skye our new Boarder Collie puppy. As soon as I came through the door I was welcomed by the Receptionists with a smile and interest. I found the Staff very friendly. The vet was very thorough and informative and went through everything. I came away with lots of information and a satisfied customer experience. Well done!

5 Stars - 30-05-2016 -

All reception staff and nurses were fantastic. Both vets Kat and Racquel were amazing, Kind and caring. I really did feel looked after so I know my cat was in safe hands. Thank you to all staff.

5 Stars - 05-05-2016 - Maxies daddy and mummy

We had to have our beloved Labrador Max put to sleep on 22/4/16. The vet and staff on duty were simply wonderful . Thank you X Max was 14 1/2 yrs old and had been with Medivet all his life. The staff from the reception upwards have always been caring and we put our trust in them as we Knew we always could. Even alter Maxies death they have remained respectful and caring. We went to collect his ashes and it was all so dignified. We even received a beautiful condolences card. THANK YOU TO ALL THE WONDERFUL STAFF X

5 Stars - 09-01-2016 - Yvonne Minney

Last year the staff at Medivet saved our little Yorkshire Terrier Archie's life after he was involved in a road accident. Yesterday they saved his brother Alfie. The whole team at Medivet Watford are wonderful. The care of our dogs has been exceptional . The vets are highly skilled and knowledgeable . It can be traumatic leaving your pet for treatment but we always feel they are in safe hands and will be given lots of attention. The reception staff are very efficient and are always cleaning, making it a welcoming environment. We have to thank Candice for her kindness and compassion on our frequent visits to the surgery. She always takes time to explain details and phones to update us or enqire how the dogs are. Superb service 10/10

5 Stars - 09-09-2015 - Dr Wendy Critchley

The staff at Medivet Watford are brilliant with all my animals, but I feel their skill and experience with rabbits deserves a special mention, as in the past I have struggled to find the level of care I think my rabbits deserve. Guy Carter (Central Partner & Head of Watford Region) is well known as one of the most rabbit-savvy vets in England but amazingly, every person in this practice, the vets, the vet nurses, the patient care and the reception teams, seems to have been handpicked for their special knowledge, understanding and love of this complex and fragile species. The Medivet staff know both their human clients and animal patients, and clearly care about each one. They are friendly, approachable, and happy to take time to explain things to you, involve or help you with management decisions, or simply fuss your pet. You never feel rushed, that they are not listening, or that they do not understand. The practice has a separate waiting area for small animals, which is great as it is quieter for them. My rabbits have been to Medivet Watford on many occasions - to demonstrate the types of procedure the practice has undertaken, a summary of events/my thoughts is below. Three of my rabbits were neutered at Medivet Watford. Following their neuter, they were running around at home and eating hay within a matter of hours. Such a rapid recovery clearly testifies to the team's anaesthetic procedures and surgical skills. This was also true when one required emergency out of hours surgery - because the practice is open 24/7 I was able to bring him home late at night. My tiny (less than 1kg), 7-year-old Netherland Dwarf rabbit had difficulty breathing for several weeks during which she was closely monitored, and a number of treatment strategies were tried. When medication had no effect, the team performed head x-rays, ultrasounds, and ultimately intricate surgery (extraction of two molars, removal of debris from the tooth root canal, excision of a facial abscess). Although at one point it seemed inevitable that I was going to lose her, 5 months after surgery she is medication free and has no signs of the abscess recurring. Most recently, one of my rabbits went into stasis during the night. My phone call was answered straight away and I was told I could take him in immediately. The staff were waiting and admitted him on arrival for intravenous fluids, gut medications and syringe feeding. On examination for a possible cause, he was found to have tiny molar spurs, which were removed. During his stay I called for updates, sometimes very early in the morning, sometimes late at night. Not once was I made to feel a nuisance or kept waiting, and on every occasion the person I spoke to really did know what was going on. Medivet Watfords immediate response and intensive management strategy for stasis saved my rabbit's life, and will certainly save the life of many more. A number of reviewers have commented that Medivet is expensive. In my experience their regular consultation fee is not, and neither is their out of hours consultation fee (I have paid a lot more elsewhere), while their Healthcare Plan, which my dogs and rabbits are signed up to, represents a significant saving on routine vaccinations, flea/worming/flystrike prevention etc. Obviously, given my experiences above, I have managed to rack up some pretty big bills, but Medivet Watford is a modern establishment, with state of the art diagnostic and surgical equipment, as well as 24/7 veterinary care for in-patients. Would I expect this to come any cheaper? No. Would I accept worse facilities or lower standards for lower costs? No. You get what you pay for, and the peace of mind that comes with having the team at Medivet Watford looking out for your rabbits 365 days a year is, in my opinion, priceless.

5 Stars - 04-09-2015 - Mary Parsons

I know the public complain about the price of vet bills but you get what you pay for and I feel I get good service from Watford because you are there 24/7 for 365 days a year. That level of service has to be paid for and that is why I travel miles to see you guys, often as an emergency or when you look after an animal or bird of mine that requires 24 hour care and is a Radlett practice transfer for night cover. I travelled once at 02.00 with a rabbit in acute respiratory distress (Radlett client) who was immediately seen by a vet, scanned and had the sack around his heart drained of fluid. When I got home in the early hours I could ring and speak to the vet and find out how things went. After all this my rabbit came home again. I know you are not a specialist avian practice but you try finding an avian vet open at the weekend or find a vet nearer to me who will consent to see a bird. My avian vet is a 2.5-3 hour drive works Mon-Fri and shuts Saturday lunchtime and emergency cover is provided by a general veterinary practice that refused to see one of my birds on 1 occasion as it is not their expertise. I recognise that in a litigious world people are careful about working outside their comfort zone. I cannot tell you what peace of mind I get from knowing you are providing 24 hour care. I do worry when I have an animal or bird at another practice that does not provide night cover and you wait for the staff to return in the morning to trouble shoot problems or tell you that the patient has died. These 24 hour services you provide need to be paid for and I am happy to pay higher bills than I would at other vets to cover these extra over heads and also the staff development programme, although to be honest in a lot of circumstances the costs are comparable. Unless you use a number of veterinary practices like I do (avian, livestock, poultry and general practice) you would not know as you have nothing to compare against. Besides the 'front of house' vets seeing clients during the day, I know that in the ward there are the 'back room' vets monitoring the inpatients as well as the nurses. I have been in the ward area many times so have an insight as to what is going on and the staffing levels. The inpatients are not left on their own receiving periodic checks. I appreciate the fact that the staff from Receptionist to nurse and surgeon work in partnership with their clients. There is always full consultation day and night with any changes or improvement with the inpatients. I feel I am kept informed. I also appreciate the fact that you also undertake full diagnostic work up in order to inform treatment plans. Again the cost of tests will push the price up but the results inform the treatment plan more effectively. Yes vets bills are expensive but for me at Medivet they are worth it. I could use a local vet, my bills including petrol would be significantly smaller but I feel the fatalities would be higher. My 2am rabbit would certainly have died. Thanks for all you do and being their 24/7 every day of the year.

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