Our branches provide a dedicated local service to clients, offering a comprehensive, quality service at affordable prices. Our branches can also provide access to 24 hour services via our linked Richmond 24hr Continuous Care and Emergency Centre.

As a part of the Medivet family, your pet will have the benefit of the skills and experience of over 200 vets throughout the company. Our staff aim to provide a welcoming and professional environment for both pet and client.

We offer both diagnostic and surgical care as well as a wealth of additional benefits to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Opening times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Tuesday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Wednesday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Thursday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Friday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Saturday 1:00 pm 3:00 pm
Sunday Closed Closed

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 01-07-2016 - Carol

I have been at Medivet since it came to Whitton, from the beginning staff have always been, professional and friendly. It is a huge relief knowing that you know when your pet goes to Whitton they will be cared for. Sometimes it is the end of life and Bonnie had to be put to sleep following lots of illness just after Louise started, she didn't know Bonnie or us but the care was there. Catherine is treating our boxer now and again, the care is brilliant. Catherine, Louise, Taylor and Kerry are worth their weight in gold. Medivet and the pets they see are lucky to have them.

5 Stars - 06-06-2016 - Anna

I am an EY teacher from a local School and went to Medivet hoping that they will share some stuff for my role play. The girl at the reception was so kind, nice and helpful. She gave me lots of stuff they use as vets. Just to say again quick Thank you :) very helpful

5 Stars - 21-01-2016 - Rudi

I want to thank Catherine and Taylor for their kindness, compassion and professionalism when I had to say good-bye to lovely Katovice. They were both so kind and loving towards my cat and understanding towards myself. Saying the final farewell is never easy and their attitude made somewhat more bearable. Many thanks to both of you. Rudi Werth

4.8 Stars - 30-12-2015 - Siya's mum

Extremely happy with the service provided at Medivet Whitton. Getting appointments is completely painfree; quick and easy- even for the same/next day appts. The staff are friendly and professional. At times when my dog, Siya, had been unwell the vet has been available both on the phone for a consultation and also in person, including the times after operations. The vet has even taken the time to escort us to our car (no job too small for them). Medivet can be a tad pricey but considering the service on offer, they are worth the price. Also, there have been times when charges have been wavered if I've had to wait a short time (15 mins) for Siya's appt. I really could go on.. Overall, very happy with both vets, Louise and Catherine, and the lovely reception staff :)

5 Stars - 19-08-2015 - Gemma Scouler

My local Medivet is the one at Whitton Dene corner and Louise and her team offer an excellent service. They don't faff about and have helped me out with my cats at short notice. I have even had follow up calls checking to see how my cats are. Far better than any vets I've frequented in the past and I would wholeheartedly recommend.

5 Stars - 21-07-2015 - EN.

Our beloved Cairn X Terrier became a frequent flyer at the Whitton Medivet. He initially ruptured a cruciate ligament and the Whitton Team diagnosed and discussed surgical options with us. They supported him and us through surgery and made sure that we were able to care for him post op. When I was concerned about his wound they saw him the same day and treated his wound infection. He recovered well and had just been discharged when he ruptured his other cruciate ligament. Again the team were most caring and supportive. He recovered well and I was extremely pleased with the outcome of both legs. He was pain free very quickly post op and his quality of life was most improved. All the staff at the Whitton branch were friendly , kind , caring and professional, Special thanks to Louise , Taylor sue and Kerry. Unfortunately our beautiful boy became very poorly in the early hours of last Sunday morning. We telephoned the Medivet out of hours in Richmond and they were very helpful. We took him in and every effort was made to treat him. He passed away 24 hours later. All the staff were so kind to us and him and the care he was given was of the highest standard. Many thanks to all staff involved .

5 Stars - 11-06-2015 - Dusty

Last September my husband found dusty inside a large council bin, hence the name! Ever since then she has been a bundle of nosiness and fun.She makes our other rescue, summers life hell at times. On the 13th of may she went out as usual but didn't come back, even when I shook her biscuits.The next morning and afternoon did the same . We were getting more worried as the day and night of Thursday she still hadn't come back. That night we had terrible rain. We searched again on Friday morning and were going too put notes through the doors of the houses behind us, asking people too look in their sheds, as she might have gotten locked in. I started calling her name again and went too the end of our garden backing too the house's behind us, when I heard a sad little wail. Dusty was laying in rubble and was soaking wet and cold.We rushed her too the dene park vets straight away. She had no power in any of her limbs, we thought she had been hit by a car. After she had been sedated catherene had ruled out her being hit by a car and at first thought she had some sort of nerve trauma, but then found a few holes on her back, she was xray'd again as she might have been shot at, luckily she hadn't. On further examination they found bite marks on her spine. Something had bitten her and "shaken her like rag". All four limbs had some sort of parayls. She was rushed over too Richmond where she then stayed for eight days. We saw her on the sunday and she was in a terrible state, everybody there helped her from the fantastic vets and nurses, they had too express urine for her as the nerve damage had been affected, I saw her on the Wednesday and she looked like another cat, she was alert pushing herself up onto her front paws and looked happier.She came home on the Friday but had too stay in again as she wasn't able too pee for herself. She stayed in until the Friday and came home again only too have too stay in again from the following Tuesday through Friday. From the word go it was the bladder that posed the biggest problem, as if it didn't start working soon we would have too put her too sleep. By a "miracle" she started too pee on her own. She isn't out of the woods yet, but we are all hopeful that she will be able too do 80 per cent of things she used too do. Everything that was done for her was wonderful remarkable and we cannot thank everybody enough.

5 Stars - 03-06-2015 - Twiglet

I would like to thank both vets and staff for the care and attention received by Twiglet. I appreciated that Twiglet is not the easiest of patients and I was really worried but everyone put me at ease. If Twiglet could speak I'm sure he would say thank you himself. Once again thanks for everything and the support you have given us.

4.8 Stars - 17-05-2015 - Vinod Warrier

I have taken my 9 weeks old puppy Joey to Medi vet when I found him having diarrhoea, vomiting and lack of appetite. Though he was given medication, Joey had to be admitted there he next day as his condition deteriorated. The situation was quite scary. Joey remained with the Medivet (Richmond) for the next 7 days and it was a roller coaster ride for him as well as us for the next few days. Finally, Joey came out all well and he is back to normal now. It was my first ever experience with vet and I was happy that I have taken him to an extremely capable and friendly team. I appreciate the professional advices given by Louise and Catherine throughout the period he was admitted. Medivet is a bit expensive, but I am happy with the high class service my pet received throughout. I had follow up visits and there was always a friendly vibe which makes me feel confident that my pet receives good care. Thank you all @ Medivet Whitton - I would highly recommend you to everyone who needs a great vet practice.

5 Stars - 18-07-2014 - Mrs Wellbelove

I would highly recommend Medivet Hounslow/Whitton. I have two guide dogs, 1 working&1 retired who have regular check-ups. I came across vet Louise Stanley at a previous veterinary surgery local to us and she was absolutely brilliant. When Louise became a branch partner at Medivet we then decided to travel from Staines to Whitton to see her. Louise is always a very professional and efficient vet who listens and takes time with both me and my dogs. Louise has a lovely friendly manner who genuinely cares and looks after our dogs& I am 100% confident that in every situation she will do the right thing for the dogs and it is very reassuring that when the dogs are unwell she will go above and beyond to help them. Although we see Louise on a regular basic I would happy to see any of the staff at Medivet. All the staff are always very friendly and welcoming and the veterinary as whole is fantastic.

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