Parkside Vets - Dundee Surgery

5 Kings Cross Road


Parkside has 3 pet surgeries, in and around Dundee but also has an equine centre and we carry out work on farms and small-holdings.  Our 4-vet Equine team is distinct from the 12 vets working with pets.  

We work our own on-call, so your emergencies are always seen by a Parkside vet.  

We can offer free on-site parking, long consulting hours and a host of specialties (which you can see on our web site) from highly-trained professionals.

We are a nurse training centre and Accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons for your peace of mind.

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 12-07-2016 - Ben

Took my elderly dog to this vets a couple of months ago as I couldn't get an appointment with my normal vets until the next day and I was really worried about him. Saw a vet called Catharine who was excellent. She took him in to the hospital for tests and it wasn't good news as I suspected. She kept me up to date with his treatment through the day, explaining what was wrong and the potential outcomes and costs of treatment. He didn't make it and we needed to let him go, but I felt absolutely sure that we did the write thing and that he was in the best place. The girl at the desk that we saw in the evening when we came back in was also very nice and caring. We are going to get another dog soon and will definitely be using park side for its care.

5 Stars - 19-05-2016 - Katherine

Caring helpful staff. Very honest and kind and good with my horse

5 Stars - 18-05-2016 - Julie

Absolutely amazing vets, excellent with my dog, friendly staff and vets

5 Stars - 28-04-2016 - Angie

very professional service from both staff & vets 5 star servie :-)

5 Stars - 09-02-2016 - georgeT

Sammy, our lab was being sick again and it was very suggestive of the time he had something stuck in his gut. I had to phone early evening and the vet was till consulting, so I was seen within half an hour. Sammy was admitted, Xrayed and i had a phone call to say it was same again.Likely a stone in his gut. It was clear on the Xray, which I saw next day. Surgery was done after that, he was in overnight and home next T-time after he was eating and performing normally. Staff were great. I was impressed by the time taken to explain, keeping me informed and Sammy has bounced back with no problems. I think professionalism is the best phrase. Well done Parkside!

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