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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 21-03-2016 - AdamLH

I just want to write to you to say how impressed I was with the service I received from all the staff and vets at Sevenoaks Pennards when I brought Trixie in for her first appointment with the nurse and vet yesterday. I was given so much useful information and advice which as a first time dog owner I really valued. Trixie as an 8 week old puppy was completely at ease during her visit and I am sure is going to enjoy the puppy party. Thank you all.

5 Stars - 10-12-2015 - Richard & Angus

Angus was born with an undescended testicle, and we'd waiting as long as we dare. But at 15 months old there was still no sign of it, so surgery was recommended. I was warned that it might be difficult as it couldn't be felt at all, and Angus is a 70kg Leonberger! He ended up needing quite a large and tricky operation. Peter called me as soon as he'd finished operating to tell me all had gone well, and the nurses rang me a couple more times through the afternoon to keep me updated. I picked him up the same day and other than looking understandably sorry for himself, he's absolutely fine. Although I pity whichever of you has to get 35 staples out of a much more awake and wriggly Leonberger than when they went in! Thank you all. Richard & Angus

5 Stars - 01-12-2015 - debs and charlie

My family and I have used Pennards for over 40 years, and would recommend anyone to go there. All the vets are highly professional and friendly, you feel they genuinely care about each animal. They offer such a wide range of services and treatments yet never push the higher priced treatments which would be upsetting if you couldn't afford it. Each vet has a different area of expertise and they have many extremely impressive contacts if referral to a specialist hospital is needed. People have said to me that Pennards can be more expensive than some practices but for the small extra cost I get 24hour support from qualified vets at the practise I use, not a random emergency vet who doesn't know my pet. I have had free phone support and advice from the vets themselves when I cannot get to the surgery or just have a query about my pets health. I have turned up unannounced in a panic and have been instantly seen and treated. I have also turned up at the Borough Green vets With minimal notice and been seen within half an hour of my phone call so I didn't have to wait until the next day for an appointment. I'm a massive fan of Pennards and would recommend this practise without reserve.

5 Stars - 25-10-2015 - kelly

excellent customer service, alot of respect for my animals. i would recommend this practice to everyone.

5 Stars - 13-10-2015 - Pascale

I owe a big thank you to Dr Peter Van Dongen and Becca, Hannah and Lauren, his staff of nurses, for the most extensif rehabilitation program I have ever come across, put in place to try to save Bertie beagle's leg. Bertie had an operation at NSRC for a prolapsed disc and inflammed sciatic nerve, followed by a second operation to biopsy his sciatic nerve as he was not responding to steroids. He was in excruciating pain, unable to use his left leg, which was loosing muscle at an alarming rate. The program they devised to avoid amputation meant Bertie went in from 9 am until 6 pm to have several sessions of massage, hydro, exercises,tens and laser spread over the day. He has been going back every day with a wagging tail; he now seems free of pain and is showing signs of reusing his leg. Peter and his nurses have persevered with Bertie despite the fact that he is distrustful of strangers and can be difficult to deal with. Their professional efforts and dedication have known no boundaries.

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