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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 24-08-2016 - Mrs Juliette Jarvis

I have been a customer of St georges for many years. They always treat my cats with respect when examining them and are pleasant relaxing the patient. Simba is a very nervous cat. He had been in a fight and we took him to the bushbury branch. The lady vet who saw him said the other cat had done a right number on him. She was gentle with Simba talking to him and relaxing him. He was given antibiotics and we was told to give him metacam which reduces inflammation and pain. I totally trust St georges looking after my cats who are like family to me. Thank You Simbas back to his old self now.

4.6 Stars - 16-08-2016 - Gill Image

5 Stars - 11-08-2016 - TWiglet

5 Stars - 09-08-2016 - Andy

Very friendly proffessional and timely service. Even though we were early we was seen efficiently and effectively. And an additional enquiry outside of the normal was handled just as well. Thank you from Freddie and I

5 Stars - 06-08-2016 - Tehya

Yet another successful visit (thus far at least) with my badly abused Utonagan Inuit and my abused Red Malamute.Never easy to handle as the former is skittish and the Mal is scared in the surgery. My Inuit had started to display the signs of my last Northern Inuit, who died from a brain tumour, and I needed the vets to listen carefully to my description and to also take on board suggestions (from my experiences)about what else this could be.I was also very uptight and, thanks to Multiple Sclerosis,probably not very clear. By bringing in another nurse to handle the Mal,listening carefully and testing everything - heart,lungs,etc,they showed confidence and a thorough understanding. The whole episode led to identifying my 'theory'that her ear infection WAS to blame but I was also made very aware that, should this NOT stop the behaviour, what could be next and the approximate costs.

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