• The surgery has been established for more than 40 years 
  • We at Tender Paws consider oursleves as professional, dedicated and a caring team of vets, nurses and receptionist.
  • Our mission is to provide a high quality service in all aspects of veterinary care.
  • We offer diagnostic and therapeutic services, state-of-the-art surgical suite, radiology services, dentistry, in-house laboratory facilities and maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals.
  • We also carry out Dietary and behavioural counselling and individualized flea control programs.


Clinic reviews

4.8 Stars - 07-08-2016 - E LARDER

Several of my chinchillas (rodents) have required attention and I'm grateful to have found a practice that can deal with them. One animal in particular suffers with bad teeth and mouth ulcers and Dr Carter is able to examine his back teeth and trim his front teeth without the necessity of knocking him out - which greatly reduces the stress he endures. He is now thirteen years old and would not have survived this long without the care of this practice. Unfortunately not all animals requiring attention respond positively. One Chinchilla had an abscess that would not heal, despite the use of three different antibiotics and an operation to remove it. Once it became apparent that the Chin would not improve, the hard decision was made that euthanasia was the only proper course of action and this was duly carried out with the greatest care and compassion. In my opinion the vets and support staff at Tender Paws are extremely kind and caring professionals, with the welfare of the animal foremost in their thoughts.

1.6 Stars - 18-07-2016 - Annie

For 4 years I kept telling the vets at this practice that something was not right about my dog's breathing. After 4 years, I got given Piriton for my dog, only after I insisted that something was still wrong, and was fobbed off. My dearest dog Chloe died as a result of her being unable to breath and her poor heart gave up. I am heartbroken that my poor dog had to suffer like this as a result of me not being listened to!

5 Stars - 01-07-2016 - FK

We had a couple of emergencies & were with another well known vets but they never seemed to be there we brought our dog here she wasn't even registered & was seen immediately we have registered both our dogs with Tender Paws now as we were so impressed with the care & the fantastic staff I would highly recommend. "its not all about profit but about the animals which can't be said for other vets"

5 Stars - 14-04-2016 - Sarah C

I had my beautiful old cat, Charlie, put to sleep 2 days ago. The care and time taken was lovely. No one rushed me or judged me. His final moments were lovely. Thank you for helping me allow my 19 year old boy to die peacefully.

5 Stars - 05-03-2016 - Les Batchelor

My most difficult decision, thank you James and the so respectful young lady helping you. Fifteen & a half years of pleasure with my boy Minstrel a beloved chocolate Labrador, I will miss him so. All carried out with care and dignity for both Min. My wife and I. You have cared for Minstrel for so time now I cannot thank you enough Les

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