A comprehensive and caring service for cats and their owners in Portsmouth and the surrounding area.  Our wide range of services include:


  • Personal Service through our small team of dedicated and experienced qualified vets and nurses
  • Life stage care and advice
  • Independent clinic with many surgical procedures performed on-site
  • The two most up-to date anaesthetics and medical treatment
  • An excellet range of cat care products and foods available
  • Easy parking all around the clinic location


Clinic reviews

2 Stars - 01-02-2016 - Anne

4 Stars - 14-10-2015 - Romsey-123

This used to be an amazing practice with lovely vets. Now every time you walk in you can\'t help but notice that its very corporate and sterile. EVERY available surface has information trying to get you to sign up for the Pet Health Club. Not only that but when I went in a little while ago every other chair had a clipboard on it with an application form. Also, unless you are a member of said PHC, every trip to the vet will cost you £30+ just to walk in the door even for follow up/check up appointments.

Vet Response

At The Cat Clinic in Southsea, we pride ourselves in offering a first class service with an experienced, local and a passionate veterinary team who have been with the surgery for many years. We understand that veterinary treatment can be expensive, which is why we introduced our \" Pet Health Club\" 4 years ago as a way for our loyal clients to spread the cost of their cat vaccinations, flea and wormer treatment and other proactive medicine at a significantly reduced price. We feel it is our duty of care to offer our Pet Health Club product to every client that we see, particularly in light of the huge financial benefits that it offers. We are sorry that you feel the surgery has changed, but can assure you that we do, and will continue to do everything possible to look after our clients and their beloved cats.

5 Stars - 28-03-2015 - Stompy

In an emergency, for a treatment or beauty session and even just for checkups, cat clinic has always been there for me. My owner and I are always happy when we leave. Thank you.

5 Stars - 13-02-2015 - maxiloulou

Hi everyone, I have been with the Cat Clinic for quite a few years. I have had 3 cats all registered. One Cat (bless his cotton socks) died (2010), everyone at the clinic were very helpful and helped me through this difficult time. I now have 2 registered at the clinic still and the staff at the clinic are still the best and very helpful for advice and listening to the problems I have had. I wouldn't go anywhere else now. Thank you everyone at the cat Clinic in Southsea.

5 Stars - 27-03-2014 - Kele and Frankie

Our owner has been using the cat clinic for her other previous cats since it first opened, so when we joined the family we went along too. All the vets are really kind and caring, they always have time to explain everything, and we don't have to worry about meeting any other aniamls when we're not feeling great. It's about as stress free an environment as you can get when going to the vet. When my owner first got me (Kele) I was very small and then I got cat flu - if it wasn't for the vets at the Cat Clninc I don't think I'd be here to show Frankie who's boss in our house now.

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