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  • The Park Veterinary Group offers you the highest quality care for you and your pet
  • We employ highly trained, approachable, compassionate and considerate staff
  • Fully equipped facilities and services including our own 24 hr laboratory, X-Ray and Ultrasound
  • Free services for our clients such as weight watchers clinics and puppy parties
  • 24 hr own emergency service, 365 days a year from our Veterinary Hospital.
  • Branches at Glenfield, Saffron lane, Scraptoft Lane and Braunstone


Clinic reviews

4.4 Stars - 04-12-2015 - mrs julie barry

My pet dog charlie went blind due to diabetes, Mr Jones diagnosed cataracts. Mr Jones did a wonderful job, operating on charlie and giving him his sight back.All this was very expensive, i was covered for £2500 on insurance but i did have to pay nearly another £1000 on top, my disappointment on this is the charges for aftercare should be free, you only get 1 post op check for free and every check after that is £84. I have cancelled another future check but will go back if i feel charlie needs any more help

Vet Response

Thank you so much for the review, it's wonderful that Charlie can now can see again after being blind with cataracts. We take on board your comments. Cataract surgery is complicated and, unfortunately, not cheap. Some aftercare is included in the operation fee, but charged on-going checks are advisable to watch out for certain complications. We hope Charlie continues to do well. Please feel free to ring Mr Jones if you would like to discuss anything with him.

5 Stars - 21-06-2015 - S Baines

3 weeks ago we visited The Park Group at Glenfield on referral from our local Vets4Pets. Our little Bichon Frise Indy had an Indolent Eye Ulcer. He had already had 2 Karetectomy operations at our local Vets4Pets to no avail. It was recommended that Indy had a third but deeper Karetectomy with an ophthalmic specialist. This was undertaken by The Park Group at Glenfield. After 2 weeks Indy was fully healed and 1 week later he is fully returned to his bouncy self. We were very impressed with the efficiency of the Admin. staff as well as the kindness of the nurses and the skill of the surgeon(s). Everything was explained to us every step of the way. We would definitely use this group again.

5 Stars - 30-05-2015 - LeanneC

I wanted to express my feelings for this practice as its helped us out on 2 emergencies with our German Shephard x Japanese Akita. Both times it happened on a Sunday where we needed the out of hours vet to see our dog. They have been great from start to finish. Both times our dog needed an operation due to him rupturing his cruciate ligament and they managed to get him booked in within 3 days of us seeing them. They have a great team there who are so caring for all animals there, professional and explain things really well. Prices like anything like this isn't cheap but with the skills of the vets such as Mr Morris - you get what you pay for. We are so pleased with our dogs progress and never worry about having to take him to the vets. Keep up the good work all. Thank you.

5 Stars - 13-05-2015 - Mrs Braham

Our german shepherd, Tinky, recently appeared to have an infection in her right eye. After taking her to our own vet, on two occasions, with her eye worsening and being charged an immense amount of money, I insisted they refer her to an eye specialist. We were given an appointment to see Gareth Jones at the Glenfield practice. Immediately he diagnosed her with Myositis (inflamation of the muscles which was causing her eyes to bulge, the vessel underneath her right eye had been forced outside her eye and there was a danger of this bursting and her losing her sight). Although not good news for us, Gareth was so good with her, and gave Tinks an immediate injection of steroids. There was an instant improvement with her eye. She's still not quite herself with being on steroids, but we are so thankful for her finally having the treatment she needed. He was so knowledgeable and informative and other staff who also saw her, so caring. Keep up the good work.

5 Stars - 10-05-2015 - Dominiquerockey

I came home from work last Tuesday and my cat had obviously been in a fight. He had two huge, puss filled chunks out of his face. I immediately called Park Glenfield to see if they could see him. They had no appointments but said they would be able to fit him in as it was an emergency. We arrived at about 6.30pm and were seen within minutes. Even on his best day, my cat hates strangers touching him. He usually hisses and growls at vets when try to do anything. As soon as we took him out of his carrier ,the vet was very delicate with him and gave him loads of fuss whilst checking his wounds. I've never seen him respond so well to a stranger before! He prescribed us medication to treat the infection as well as a cone so he couldn't scratch it. We were also given advice on how to clean the wounds and administer the medication - heating up Tuna and putting the meds in it. We followed the advice and he is back to normal again. I've told everyone at work to use this vets as this is the best I've ever known. We've already moved our cats records over and have booked his annual boosters to be done here.

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