The Park Veterinary Group - Scraptoft

151 Scraptoft Lane



  • The Park Veterinary Group offers you the highest quality care for you and your pet
  • We employ highly trained, approachable, compassionate and considerate staff
  • Fully equipped facilities and services including our own 24 hr laboratory, X-Ray and Ultrasound
  • Free services for our clients such as weight watchers clinics and puppy parties
  • 24 hr own emergency service, 365 days a year from our Veterinary Hospital.
  • Branches at Glenfield, Saffron lane, Scraptoft Lane and Braunstone


Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 29-06-2016 - pungo

I would like to thank everyone for the care taken whilst treating pungo mark Russon and matt at the scraptoft practice and all staff frienly and professional pungo now on the road to full recovery thanx

5 Stars - 24-05-2016 - Hena

I changed to The Park Veterinary group, Scraptoft Lane in April 2015 due to my dog, Mickey developing epilepsy. Although the vets that have seen Mickey have been very good and helpful with his treatment it was a very difficult and sad time for me with his constant seizures and therefore it was hard to stay positive about his condition. But since Matt Flavell has taken over Mickey's treatment, his epilepsy has greatly improved. Matt has been exceptional in the way in which he has provided advice and treatment for Mickey. I feel he has gone out of his way to try and get Mickey's medicine dosage correct. Coming to the vets previously used to cause me anxiety as I felt Mickey's condition was getting much worse. I no longer have this worry as I know Mickey is now in good hands. Matt is very thorough and knowledgeable and goes out of his way to explain his diagnosis. I'm now much more positive about Mickey's condition. It is clear to me that Matt has much passion and enthusiasm when it comes to his work ethic. He is most definitely an asset to The Park Veterinary Group.

5 Stars - 14-01-2016 - David

We took our cat Bob to Glenfield vet hospital saturday 09.01.15 who was quite ill and from the time he was seen till he came home on the 13.01.15 the care that he received was second to none. We were kept informed every stage of his treatment with phone calls he came home yesterday a lot better even his discharge was very informative and was reassured that we could call if we had an issue. Today 14.01.15 we took Bob to Whetstone for a check and again fantastic care nothing was to much trouble we took him home and with the care that he has had and still receiving he will make a full recovery so once again a huge thank you from me my mum and especially Bob ( the troublesome one who trashed his kennel) to get home to us thank you all again.

5 Stars - 23-11-2015 - Cindy

We would like to thank the staff particularly the vet Wieneke ,nurse and the receptionist hows name I am not sure of but where there on the morning of 12 November 2015 for their kindness and compassion on the sad loss of our dog Cindy thanks to everyone for the card.Regards Janice and Dennis Tarjanyi

5 Stars - 04-09-2015 - Len

I took on a rescue cat (I'm not allergic to Maine Coons)and one of the conditions was that I get her spayed and chipped. Something I would have done regardless of any conditions. A friend recommended the surgery near me, which was convenient to say the least. When the day came, (today) We took her in, where she was treated like the royalty she believes she is. Being a rescue cat, she had a very hard start in life. She panics at the slightest thing, but she was fine. The only thing I would do differently, with hindsight, is I would not have used the "lampshade" collar of shame. Once home she knew she was safe and tried to run for her 'safe place' taking the stairs 3 at a time - and hitting every third stair with the collar and falling back a stair each time. As soon as I got her clam enough I took it off. But if I'd not had it on and she started worrying her wound, I would not have had it to put on.

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