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Helping Families Say Goodbye to their Pet at Home

Gentle and professional in-home end-of-life veterinary care, palliative medicine and pet euthanasia 24/7.  Have time to say goodbye peacefully at home without stress, worry or travel when the time is right - not too soon nor too late.  A very peaceful goodbye in the comfort of home.
  • Run by the UKs leading Hospice Vet, Susan Gregersen and her caring team
  • 24/7 advice, support & urgent home visits for a peaceful end
  • Gentle & dignified in-home euthanasia - always with a sedation first
  • Family-run home visiting vet practice - established in 2005
  • Personalised medication and care plans for good quality-of-life for as long as possible
  • Pain and stress-free end-of-life and with respectful aftercare

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 26-09-2016 - jackie

This is the 2nd time in 10years that i have chosen to use the services of Vets2Home for the end of life care that Susan Gregerson offers. The service was good then but now its even better. Nobody reaches the decision to end their beloved pets life easily. But, Susan's calm professionalism makes the whole process as relaxed and pain free as possible for all concerned. Our dog Freckles had given us and others so much love and fun throughout her life. She deserved as dignified a death as we could give her. Vets2Home made it possible to show her the respect she deserved. We are immeasurably grateful to Susan and her team for the service they offer.

5 Stars - 20-09-2016 - Anna

Susan and her team made saying goodbye to our wonderful dog sunny a beautifully calm and peaceful end. He was so relaxed and completely at peace. Our other dogs were allowed to stay and say goodbye which proved so very important to them and it allowed them to grieve with us. An extremely difficult and emotional time was made so much easier by Susan and her fabulous team. The support and compassion they have given us has been so important. Thank you so much for giving our special boy the peaceful end he deserved.

5 Stars - 08-09-2016 - Amy and Louise

From the moment Susan arrived she helped calm everyone down including Toby who wasn't in a good way when she got there. She was kind, compassionate and caring, and everything was done at our speed. She was with us for 2 hours helping us say the loveliest goodbye to our boy. As much as you never want to say goodbye to your pets, when they eventually do have to go, it should always be done the way Susan done it. It will be a night we all will remember forever and at least we can say Toby's last moments were peaceful and serene. Susan shaved off a bit of his fur that we could keep with a little candle and poem which we now have by his ashes. We just want to say thank you to her for helping us that night, and for the only send off we ever wanted for our boy.

5 Stars - 02-08-2016 - Carla Finzel


Vet Response

THANK YOU CARLA! What wonderful praise -especially nice to receive when coming from an experienced and competent colleague in practice (who we have seen with a client's dog at home) means the world to us! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ♥♥♥

5 Stars - 20-07-2016 - Lis

We are so grateful to Susan. Alfie our cat died peacefully, at home in my arms.

5 Stars - 19-06-2016 - Kelly

Susan you truly are a unique lady,your patience,support,advice and care was second to none,you are the perfect person for the job you do,you are so calming and compassionate,we thank you for giving our boy the send off he deserved xx

3.8 Stars - 15-06-2016 - Ms E Hutchinson

The end of my dog's life was dealt with swiftly and discreetly but we were also given the opportunity to say goodbye to him in what was an inevitable situation. There was asensitivity by the vet both to the dog and to us.

5 Stars - 11-06-2016 - Mrs Hill

I work for Cats Protection and as you can imagine bring home the odd cat! Timmy was one of those. I adopted Timmy last summer at the age of 18 years old, he had stage 2 kidney disease. He had been on a renal diet since I brought him home and at then end of last year blood tests suggested all was stable with his kidneys. The night I called vets@home my husband called me at work to tell me he found Timmy collapsed and struggling to breathe. I managed to get an appointment at my own vets that evening but I work quite a way from home so couldn't go myself. I discussed Timmy's condition with my vet over the phone and agreed to try medication to help him. Timmy had a blood clot to one of his front legs, caused by high blood pressure relating to his kidney disease. But when I got home I just wasn't happy with how Timmy was. He was meowing, getting up and sitting down trying to get comfortable, hiding and had a lot of blood in his wee. He wasn't our normal happy Timmy so at 9pm that night I called vets@home, I did not want to drive him in a basket to our emergency vet a good 1hr away. They were kind and compassionate over the phone and let me know the name of the vet coming and how long they might be. When the vet arrived he was calm and friendly, he allowed me to talk through what had happened and we talked through my doubts and concerns. Understanding my job he didn't talk to me like an idiot either. My other cats liked him so that speaks volumes. There was no rush to make a decision and when we decided the procedure was fully explained to us. The nicest thing was that Timmy wasn't moved from the position he chose to curl up in, all the injections were done where he lay. It was so peaceful and calm and the best thing for Timmy. The vet confirmed he had gone and he then left us to our goodbyes. This is an expensive service but for me no amount of money could buy that kind of ending. Euthanasia is the one gift we have to give our beloved pets a calm and peaceful end to their journeys with us. I will certainly be calling vets@home if I need them in the future.

5 Stars - 28-05-2016 - Julie

When my 20 year old ginger Tom Fatcat was diagnosed with heart failure, I knew the time had come to say goodbye. I had called Vets to Home two years ago when his sister Sulky was diagnosed with cancer, so I knew how caring and professional they were. I arranged for Susan to come in the evening and spent my last day with Fatcat, spooling him with fuss and treats and watching him enjoy the sun in the garden. When it came time to say goodbye Susan was supportive and respectful, allowing me time to say goodbye and give Fatcat his final cuddle and strokes. I didn't feel rushed and appreciated Susan allowing me time. Making the decision to let a beloved member of the family go is hard, but the support and understanding Susan and her team showed was exceptional and helped me through. I now have Fatcat's ashes home with me. Thank you Susan for everything you did for Fatcat and I in his final hour.

5 Stars - 05-05-2016 - David and Graeme

Our boy Casper a seventeen year old Jack Russell Fox Terrier cross had a wonderful life but after a deterioration of the function of his back legs we knew that his quality of life was the most important factor for us. The deterioration was slow but we soon realised that Casper's quality of life was no longer sustainable for him. We had decided early on that we would make the right decision for him when the time was right. Casper's situation deteriorated quite rapidly within a few weeks and by Sunday morning we knew that the time had come. We called Vets2Home at 9am and Susan agreed to come that morning. Susan was compassionate, caring and understanding that put at ease right away during a very hard and difficult time for us. Although the decision to do this was hard Susan helped us come to terms that we were doing the right thing for our boy Casper. Susan was respectful to us and Casper and when the time came for us to say our goodbyes, Susan allowed us time. When we were ready and only then did Susan help us to give Casper the ultimate gift we could. At no time did we feel rushed and Susan was a total professional throughout. Vets2Home helped us take care of Casper's cremation and return of his ashes as well as informing Casper's vet so we did not have to. We would certainly recommend Vets2Home to anyone that wanted a caring, loving way to say goodbye to a dear loved one.

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