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Helping Families Say Goodbye to their Pet at Home

Gentle and professional in-home end-of-life veterinary care, palliative medicine and pet euthanasia 24/7.  Have time to say goodbye peacefully at home without stress, worry or travel when the time is right - not too soon nor too late.  A very peaceful goodbye in the comfort of home.
  • Run by the UKs leading Hospice Vet, Susan Gregersen and her caring team
  • 24/7 advice, support & urgent home visits for a peaceful end
  • Gentle & dignified in-home euthanasia - always with a sedation first
  • Family-run home visiting vet practice - established in 2005
  • Personalised medication and care plans for good quality-of-life for as long as possible
  • Pain and stress-free end-of-life and with respectful aftercare

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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 18-11-2016 - Lisa

Having decided that my lovely cat Garfield should be put at peace, I never imagined finding someone that could help make the experience warm! Suzen was amazing from the very first phone call. Such kind consideration when Suzen came to our home allowing us to go through the process in our own time, she explained everything to us and quietly supported us. Chestnut lodge crematorium were also kind and understanding when I called to change the urn, which we received and is beautiful. I would highly recommend this service to all animal lovers Thank you for helping us through this sad time xxx

5 Stars - 17-11-2016 - Amber

I would just like to thank Susan for her extraordinary care and support during a difficult time letting go of our beloved dog Jasmine. I cannot recommend Susan at Vets2Home highly enough. She was absolutely fantastic throughout, from the palliative care the night before through to the next day when it was time to say goodbye. She was also wonderfully compassionate towards my Mum who was heartbroken by the loss of her little best friend and our Jasmine was able to pass peacefully at home surrounded by the people she loved and who loved her so much. Susan also arranged for Jasmine's cremation and looked after her at her home for the few days until that time, which put our minds at rest to know that even after death she was still being cared for respectfully. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Vets2Home to anyone.

5 Stars - 13-11-2016 - sam

I had Sam for almost 17years and she was so very loved.She loved her 3 walks a day, that was the order she gave me. She loved swimming and was a great traveller, she had been to France several times. The way you so gently put her to sleep was so kind, of my six pets this was the best end of life.Thank you so much Carol

5 Stars - 08-10-2016 - Mandy Austen

First class, caring and incredibly sensitive. My boy Busa was my world and the way he left was incredibly dignified. I held him until the end and my other boy was allowed to come and say goodbye. There was no rush and all done with such care and compassion. A lovely poem and a battery candle were left on the side table which was such a caring touch. This has pride of place in my bedroom. I can't recommend you highly enough. Thank you so much. God bless you xxx

5 Stars - 04-10-2016 - Emma Matthews

Putting my beloved 15 year old Jack Russell Charlie to sleep has been the most heart wrenching thing I have ever had to do. From the first phone call to Susan, up until the point Charlie passed, she showed such empathy and professionalism, which gave me full trust and faith that I had made the right decision for Charlie, me, my husband and our two daughters. The compassion she showed Charlie, will in time, help the healing and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for making such a painful episode in our lives that much more bearable. The poem and candle she left, without me even realising, meant so much. Your an angle.

5 Stars - 26-09-2016 - jackie

This is the 2nd time in 10years that i have chosen to use the services of Vets2Home for the end of life care that Susan Gregerson offers. The service was good then but now its even better. Nobody reaches the decision to end their beloved pets life easily. But, Susan's calm professionalism makes the whole process as relaxed and pain free as possible for all concerned. Our dog Freckles had given us and others so much love and fun throughout her life. She deserved as dignified a death as we could give her. Vets2Home made it possible to show her the respect she deserved. We are immeasurably grateful to Susan and her team for the service they offer.

5 Stars - 20-09-2016 - Anna

Susan and her team made saying goodbye to our wonderful dog sunny a beautifully calm and peaceful end. He was so relaxed and completely at peace. Our other dogs were allowed to stay and say goodbye which proved so very important to them and it allowed them to grieve with us. An extremely difficult and emotional time was made so much easier by Susan and her fabulous team. The support and compassion they have given us has been so important. Thank you so much for giving our special boy the peaceful end he deserved.

5 Stars - 08-09-2016 - Amy and Louise

From the moment Susan arrived she helped calm everyone down including Toby who wasn't in a good way when she got there. She was kind, compassionate and caring, and everything was done at our speed. She was with us for 2 hours helping us say the loveliest goodbye to our boy. As much as you never want to say goodbye to your pets, when they eventually do have to go, it should always be done the way Susan done it. It will be a night we all will remember forever and at least we can say Toby's last moments were peaceful and serene. Susan shaved off a bit of his fur that we could keep with a little candle and poem which we now have by his ashes. We just want to say thank you to her for helping us that night, and for the only send off we ever wanted for our boy.

5 Stars - 02-08-2016 - Carla Finzel


Vet Response

THANK YOU CARLA! What wonderful praise -especially nice to receive when coming from an experienced and competent colleague in practice (who we have seen with a client's dog at home) means the world to us! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ♥♥♥

5 Stars - 20-07-2016 - Lis

We are so grateful to Susan. Alfie our cat died peacefully, at home in my arms.

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