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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 06-08-2016 - karen

I have 2 rats. Myrtle and pootle. I noticed that Myrtle was having trouble breathing. Having monitored her for a couple of days I decided she needed treatment. Vets for pets were the only vets advertising care for 24 hours. I work late so this was ideal. I got there at 9.30pm. The staff on reception were amazing. They were reassuring and interested. We saw the vet after only 20 mins of waiting. He was amazing. Clearly very tired from a long day, he was pleasant and playful to my little Myrtle. He identified quite quickly what the problem was and gave her some antibiotics. He showed me how to administer the medicine to her and showed real compassion.The bill was amazingly cheap. It's now 3 weeks and I've just finished the course of medicine. She is fine. A very happy rat, running about. Doing her thing. A huge thank you to the staff who were just amazing. Thank you.

5 Stars - 28-07-2016 - Adrienne

Our dog had been biting his back end raw for 24 hours and he became very sore and agitated. He was panting and very quiet. We decided to get him an appointment as it was after 9pm and our normal vets were not open. His skin was very pink and he wouldn't stop biting himself. I rang and spoke to Oliver and told him the problem, he told us to bring him straight over. When we got there the vet nurse took some details and Oliver examined him straight away. They shaved the infected area and decided to treat with oral medication as creams would be too painful to apply. They were very nice and nothing seemed too much trouble. We are registered with Vets4pets at Riverside but would seriously consider changing to the St. James practice. Very impressed.

5 Stars - 12-07-2016 - Izzyrose

I found Vets4pets by accident after a traumatic experience at a different veterinary practice.This difference was immediately obvious.Jenny knew at once that one of my Border Terries was suffering with an allergy.Her love of dogs was plain to see even though one of my dogs disliked being picked up and growls like a tiger regardless of her size.!! She put her on medication and very soon shame was a different dog.My other girl also has been treated by Jenny.All in all an excellent practice and I will never consider going anywhere else.Thank you Vets4Pets and Jenny in particular.

5 Stars - 10-06-2016 - Shelley

I could fill a whole page with how wonderful Jenny has been with my own animals over the past few years but I think what happened recently went above + beyond from the staff at St. James. I have rescued many hedgehogs over the years so have some experience + also looked after them for a fellow hog rescuer when she's on hols. I found (or rather my dog did) a hog in complete distress + it was really horrible to see. If I had to liken it to a human being I would say it looked like it was having a massive fit! As I wasn't able to get hold of my friend, who has far more experience than me, I called my vets + described what was happening + stressed that something was seriously wrong + they told me to bring it straight down. On arrival a nurse whisked it straight off + was back within a couple of mins to tell me it had suffered a head injury + they needed to put it to sleep. I of course was then left sobbing + shaking in reception but, most importantly, I was glad that it was out of pain. The lady who dealt with me, no idea of her name as barely remembered my own at the time, was quick in reassuring me that I had done the best thing for the hog. They didn't charge me for this at all (+ I know from experience that other veterinary practices do, you know who you are!) And that, along with the compassionate service I have received over the last few years, proves to me that unlike other practices I could name, they really do care! So many vets nowadays seems to see their customers as cash cows that I think it's really important to share when you strike gold! And Vets4pets St. James really are absolute diamonds.

2.6 Stars - 08-04-2016 - Mr Edwards

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