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Clinic reviews

4.8 Stars - 29-09-2016 - James

Your Vets Rayleigh were caring for my Springer Spaniel since we got him in 2010. In 2015 he was diagnosed with Kidney failure, given 4 months to live. sorry nothing we can do. But after I pushed one of the Vets, Tomas, had an idea of a treatment that would keep him going. After this Tomas gave him an injection of EPO every fortnight to keep his Red Blood cells up. This gave us and him another 12 Months that we didnt think we would have. Sadly he recently lost his battle. With out the care and attention of Tomas and his team at Rayleigh we would have given up a year ago. Thanks Tomas.

5 Stars - 15-09-2016 - Nick Payne

I have been meaning to write a review for the last few weeks. Its in relation to a visit to discuss my mothers dog Lola who is like a family pet. Lola was suffering with back condition and Tayla recommended a vet at your company. Following that discussion we were recommended to Dick White where we then met with a top specialist Gunio. He not only operated successfully on Lola but had empathy as well as the skills to make our little baby well again. Please pass our thanks to Tayla as without her advice we may not have had such a wonderful outcome. I would highly recommend your practise to anyone that needs professional service and conducted in such a caring way as Tayla showed. Kind regards and best wishes. Nick Payne.

5 Stars - 12-09-2016 - Terri

I travel 40 miles to use this vets as I know I can trust their opinions and know my dogs are going to receive the best treatment. Their prices are always transparent and certainly not a rip off like some of the vets more local to me (Mersea Island). The staff are very professional but also friendly to humans as well as their animals. I just wish they could open a branch just a little bit closer! :-)

4.8 Stars - 08-08-2016 - Sbetts

I attended the clinic on Sunday morning, after my dog had been struggling to swallow/coughing. The receptionist was lovely and reassured me that the vet wouldn't be long. I saw a vet called Roberta who was very caring and checked over my pippa. She advised to do some X-rays and examine her throat. Her assistant dean was also very caring and handle my pippa very gently. They admitted my baby for an X-ray. They kept me up to date with her progress and a lovely nurse Laura discharge and explained everything to me. Am pleased to report that pippa has made a full recovery. I can't thank the your vets team enough! I highly recommend your vets!

5 Stars - 29-07-2016 - Trinity

I brought my GSD into the practice for a needle biopsy this morning, I really wish I got the vets name because he was absolutely brilliant. Most vets see the size of her and reach straight for the muzzle before handling her, he didn't. I asked if it was possible for me to wait for her whilst the procedure was done, he said that if she would be better with me there he would be fine with that so I stayed. He made a fuss of her and was getting belly rubs before attempting to start, this definitely relaxed her so even though she had a needle put into her 5 times in 2 sites to get the samples he needed she did not yelp or struggle to get away all done unmuzzled. I'm hopeful that the samples will mot prove to be anything sinister but have to say that the vet I saw today was caring, informative and gentle everything you could ask a vet to be.

1 Stars - 18-07-2016 - Terry

4.8 Stars - 10-07-2016 - Les Betts

I honestly cannot fault the level of care our dog received at your Brook rd,Rayleigh,clinic.Our dog had previously been examined by two other veterinary practices locally,and was given a clean bill of health by both.Thankfully we came to you for the neutering procedure,carried out by Thomas.He contacted us rapidly to explain that she had a severe case of Pyometra,and that it had been caught in the nick of time.He kept us informed as to her condition post-op and was quite happy to answer a deluge of questions from us.He also carried out the post-op examination approximately 1 week later.We all feel that Mr Thomas is a credit to his profession and to your clinic,as our dog was unlikely to have lived much longer had this degree of infection gone undiagnosed.Shelby is now unrecognisable from the dog we brought to you a few months ago,full of energy and vitality,and for this we are all eternally grateful.Additionally our thanks go out to the lady in reception when we registered with you who offered us petcare insurance which was free for 30 days.At this time we had no reason to believe we would need it,but i'm so glad we took it.All in all i must say that the quality of your staff in general,and Mr Thomas in particular,is of a standard of which you can be justifiably proud.Many Thanks,the Betts Family

4.8 Stars - 13-06-2016 - Molly

Thankyou so much for the wonderfull care for Molly at 13 yes old with piro metra I was expecting the worst ,but after three weeks since her operation she seems back to her old self ,once again I cannot thank you enough .

4.8 Stars - 02-05-2016 - Mark

I started using Yourvets at Rayleigh from about 2009 I think. I had a typical noisy GSD, he didn't like being at the vets and they were great with him. In 2014 I had to make that decision all pet owners dread; the compassion and genuine respect and dignity showed to both my dog and to myself has brought me back to them with my new GSD. She's a rehomed retired working dog and I don't know all of her history - suffice to say, she can be a stroppy dog with other animals at times. I explained this when I registered some time back, I again explained this on booking her in recently and the staff were great. It was all taken in its stride; the vet came to the car and got us, made sure no one was about when we went in and moved an owner and her dog out of the way when we left. No drama's, no attitude - just their normal day to day approach to our pets. Keep them well, keep them safe and treat them with respect and dignity; truly an amazing team at Yourvets, I always recommend them if anyone asks.

5 Stars - 19-03-2016 - Laura

Thank you so much for looking after my idiot kitten when he was castrated. Quick and simple, no side effects and after his follow up appointment, ran straight up a 30ft tree!! Been coming to YourVets for the last few years with my chocolate lab and am always pleased with the service and friendliness, they truly care for animals.

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