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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 11-07-2016 - Kady

I had to have my dog put to sleep very sadly i was and she was dealt with very much respect and caring .....thank you so much

5 Stars - 06-07-2016 - Wendy

I have visited Your Vets this afternoon with my 2 dogs Marnie Bassett Hound and Alfie Yorkshire Terrier, we saw a vet named Bogadan who was excellent, he explained to my husband and I every detail of his examination of both of our dogs. He was kind and caring and respectful, hope to see him again if we have to visit again. Nurse Alex also highly professional and sorted an issue out for us prior to seeing the excellent vet Bogadan. Thankyou very much for an exceptional service

5 Stars - 25-06-2016 - Julie Newby

I had to take my dog Millie to your vets wythall as she fell very ill. I knew in my heart I would not be bringing her home. On arrival the staff could see I was upset and took me straight through to a consultation room. They were fantastic with both me and Millie throughout. I thank them for their support and compassion

3.2 Stars - 07-05-2016 - Chrisstu

Went to have my dog (pug) checked last week as she was limping on her front paw can't fault the first vet very polite throughly checked her over even checked her back legs as well, she said she's in great health as I was concern about hemivertebrae disease, excellent advised me to come back if she still limps. She got better then she got over excited and ran and jumped off the sofa she started limping again so took her back to the vet. He asked me to put her on the floor so he could see her limping he agreed there was still a limp on her front paw he offered more pain killers for a longer period and recommend extreme rest. He only felt her front leg will see how she goes if she doesn't improve or it happens again she will need X-rays in case there's something more servere. I asked how much the X-rays were he quoted about £300 I said shes ok she is insured, do they accept payment from my insurance company or do I pay them, then reclaim it back he said I would need to pay first and claim it back from the company not a problem. Went to pick her off the table he asked me to put her back on as he wanted to check her back legs. So I did he told me she had a problem with her knee he checked the other one and he said both knees needed surgery and he can book a consultant over in Coventry to do the work he did repeat hm self several times which made me feel pressured but I knew she got checked the following week nothing was said.Going to get a second opinion. Not putting my dog through unnecessary operations or stress. Will be taking her to another vet once the pain killers have ended interested to see what another vet says. Also there was small amount of dog poo by the reception desk several members of staff walked straight past it one even put a yellow sign over it. Takes a few seconds to pick it up.

Vet Response

Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate all reviews that will allow us to improve our service. I'm sorry you feel disappointed with the consult provided to your pet, I looked at clinical notes and investigated the case. Our vet performed a thorough exam, checking both back and front legs in order to assess your pet's problem and your concerns. Medial Patellar Luxation (MPL), is a very common orthopaedic disease in small breeds and especially when low in grade it could be asymptomatic. Our vet recommended a specialist consult, either internally or externally, if you wished to investigate the problem further. We care about our pets under our care and it is our ethos to be open and honest, therefore the vet mentioned his findings to enable you to make an informed decision. With regards to the poo on the floor, thanks for bringing this up with us. Unfortunately, accidents happen in the waiting room and usually all the staff are prompt on cleaning and disinfecting the floor, however we rely on clients to notify us when these occur. At peak busy times staff may mark a hazardous area with a sign to pre-warn clients to allow themselves time to resolve the situation as soon as humanly possible. Thanks again for your feedback, If you would like to discuss the matter further, please don't hesitate to contact us. Kind regards

4.2 Stars - 26-04-2016 - MC

This is no longer "the affordable vets" Prices have increased dramatically over the last 6 months. Prices are now in line with other vets. The only cheaper ones are PDSA and RSPCA but you have to be on benefits to qualify. We will definitely not be rehoming any more animals in the future - or ever. However, they do remain the vets that love your pets and are pleased with the care and attention our pets receive from the vets, who seem to be dwindling in number recently and are changing constantly, as are reception staff and nurses.

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